PENTAX ZX-M Qualifying Worksheet w/ Page Numbers (look up answers in manual)


The Pentax ZX-m is better but more complex. Please review the manual for the reference numbers below and then answer these questions to qualify to check out.


(UPDATE: Just go straight to the Zx-M Review Sheet Answers...just make sure you have an idea of what is going on with this camera vs. the what you learned for the k1000. If you don't review this material, and just write out the answers, then you will get a more complicated camera that you are ready for and you will mess up your pictures.


1.      If the film is not loaded properly, what flashes on the LCD panel? (p. 14)


2.      How will you know if it loaded properly (what WILL appear)? (p. 14)


3.      To use the P or programmed mode, where do you have to have the aperture ring and the shutter speed dial set? (p. 26)


4.      a. When in the Av mode, are you selecting a specific F-stop or shutter speed?

b. Give an example of when you would use the Av mode. (p. 27)


5.      a. When in the Tv mode, are you selecting a specific f-stop or shutter speed?

b. Give an example of when you would use the Tv mode. (p. 29)


6.      How do you turn the light meter on in the ZX-M? (p. 18)


7.      What does it mean when either the shutter speed or F-stop number is flashing in the viewfinder when you are metering your subject? (p. 28)


8.      What is the Continuous shooting mode? And why is it not a good idea to use the camera in this mode? (p. 23-24)


9.      The ZX-M camera uses 3 focusing aids.  Name them. (p. 21)


10.  The ML (meter or memory lock) button has two functions.  Name them. (p. 15, 34)


11.  In order to take a stop action picture, would you use the TV Mode or the AV mode?  Why? (p. 29)


12.  Using the shutter release button, explain what will happen when you press it halfway and then when you press it fully down? (p.18)


13.  For a particular shot, you want to have a shallow depth of field to draw attention to your subject and you have decided to use f/2.  Which mode would you use to do this, the Tv or Av mode? (p. 27)


14.  The P or programmed mode allows you to take pictures totally automatic where it will select the best____________and______________for you. (p. 26)


15.  Where is and what is the purpose of the depth of field preview? (p. 35)