ZAP (Zero's Aren't Permitted)


Ironically, ZAP was TERMINATED! Students MUST be responsible for turning in their work. It was decided that teachers felt the ZAP allowed students to be irresponsible and turn work in later than they should, causing an unreasonable burden on the teachers part. IOW, when you, the student, turn in your work late, it causes us, the teachers, more work.




ZAP? Do you have late work to turn in? Planning on getting it under the ZAP program? Think have two choices. 




Official ZAP Details


ZAP 2012-13 Dates

September 21, November 2, December 21, February 22, April 12, May 24






ZAP Contact

Dr. Veronica Durden,  409-617-5502

  1. Since all assignments lay the foundation for future learning, ZAP allows students an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery and understanding of assignments they did not complete by the initial deadline.
  2. ZAP is a campus based program and all teachers must accept ZAP assignments for daily work.
  3. Teachers may require option of altering the assignment by requiring students to do more than the initial assignment, thus discouraging students from waiting for ZAP Friday.
  4. ZAP work is not to be done during class time. Students are to complete ZAP work on their own time.
  5. Teachers may require students to do the ZAP work with them before/after school and submit on ZAP Friday (another deterrent to those students who intentionally do not submit on time).
  6. ZAP is for DAILY WORK/homework and not major grades or projects.
  7. ZAP assignments will be submitted on the designated date and during scheduled class period.
  8. ZAP assignments will be given directly to the teacher.
  9. The highest grade a student can earn on a ZAP assignment is 75. 

  10. Prior to the first ZAP Friday, inform students of specific ZAP requirements (afterschool time requirements and changes to initial assignments).
  11. ZAP is only once a grading period. Since ZAP is offered the Friday after the issuance of progress reports, students who miss daily work after progress reports will not have an opportunity to make-up those assignments. ZAP is only for assignments missed during the first part of the current grading period. (NOTE: Teachers are required to input a minimum of 2 grades a week).
  12. Students are responsible for keeping track of ZAP dates and submitting missed daily assignments to their appropriate teacher on the designated ZAP date for current grading period.
  13. Students will get missed work from their teacher before or after school and turn in on the designated ZAP date. Class time will not be used to disseminate assignments for missing grades. Teachers may establish a management system within the classroom that does not take away from instructional time (file folder with ZAP assignments).
  14. Although recommended, teachers are not required to notify a student of 0ís earned due to missing daily assignments. The student is responsible for keeping a written record of assignments and grades, including missing daily grades. Parents are encouraged to use the Parent Self Serve program to keep track of assignments and grades.