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Please review the Photo I Welcome to valuable basic links.

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CII Opening Outline

Ø    Depth of field

Ø    Equivalent exposure

Ø    Flash

Ø    Special Effects

Ø    Sheet protectors – buy new ones, heavy duty, good quality, if necessary

Ø    Bring your mounted work and binder back to school with in the next 5 class days. Show me for a 100.

Ø  Video 2: Individual. Short story. Initially as in-camera as possible, should be filmed sequentially so that you end up with a decent video right in your camera even though you will have numerous digital video files. But even this rough collection of video clips will be edited. More about this later.

Ø  Video 3: Partner up…you will be filming a music video with one other person.

Ø  Video 4: Individual - Photo video montage with 4 Time-Lapses - a unique form of video. Traditionally shot as stills, then assembled as a video. You will need to shoot 4 subjects minimum to film over the course of the year.  It is recommended that you film the four subjects along a theme, so they can be put together as one movie. Spend some time researching some samples on YouTube. Time-Lapse are a fun way to document an event with out having to "film" or photograph.

Ø    There is no fundraiser so please plan ahead and be prepared to pay all of the fees on or before the due date of each contest.

Ø   Hike & Bike 

Ø   Railroad - new...need to work on...but just a tip...don't shoot on a railroad. Nearby is ok. If you shoot on, the photo can be used as evidence that you were trespassing.

Ø    All first year shooting days as assistants (plan ahead…stay caught up in your classes…I need LOTS of help).

Ø   Saturday morning trips, if possible (depends on student transportation). If the class does not meet together, small groups are encouraged. Team up!

Ø   Overnight at Lake Loker for Astronomy/Night/Nature pictures Date: NOV ___________. PLEASE plan for this NOW. Something will ALWAYS come up, if you let it. A fall semester assignment is based in part from the photos taken at this even (or a similar place if not attending), so please try to make this trip.

Ø   Tyrell Park?

Ø    Ag Farm?

Ø    Claiborne Park (between Vidor and Orange) – possible first year? Overnight?

Ø    Other night time shootings

Ø  Due to the number of students, I do NOT have a DLSR for each of you to check out and keep for the year. Check outs will be for 1 week; Out on Thursday or Friday after school, in by Thursday morning. I currently only have 5 DSLRs for home use (the classroom set is not available for home check out). So, I recommend something like a D3300 (video capable…very cool...very reasonable).

All other equipment is due 2 weeks after check out. PLEASE do not check out equipment just to hang on to it until the underside of your bed eats it, or it is stolen. No additional equipment will be checked out if you have outstanding items out. Check in UNused work prior to checking out NEW items. In addition, if you are shooting commercially.