Welcome - Letter of Introduction - westbrookphoto.org/welcome.htm

Dear Student and Parent(s):

Welcome to the Career Technology program "Graphic Communications". I believe this class to be one of the most rewarding classes at West Brook covering a wide variety of career skills, including photography, desktop publishing, computer graphics & operations, web galleries and other multimedia.

To reduce the time, expense and bulk of paper copies and provide the most current information possible, students and parents
need to carefully review, via the Internet, this Welcome Letter (http://westbrookphoto.org/welcome.htm). Please click each link and section title below (also a link) as the following is only a brief description.


Main Class Page - http://westbrookphoto.org* - Class documents are updated regularly, including the daily Focus which parents can access to keep up with the lessons presented to the student. * Note: At any time this year, if the main website is down, please use http://staff.drewloker.com. I try to back up the website weekly, but some pages may not be updated, so try the main website first.

Syllabus - List of projects and activities for the class. A pocket calendar or SmartPhone is highly recommended. Here is a Calendar for when the 3 week interim and 6 week grading periods end with two (2) key repeating assignments indicated. ** To facilitate the immediate saving of daily work and submission of projects, please create a Google Drive account (if you do not have already) at: drive.google.com/ Click on SignIn and then SignUp. Please review “Cloud Document Access” in the Syllabus for more info.

Class Expectations – An important page about what to expect from the class, why this class is so important, and what the teacher expects from each student.

SuppliesAs this is a production and vocational class, much like woodshop, drafting, as well as band, art, etc, there are some important supplies that are needed. Please see the complete online version of this document for EXACT details, pictures, catalog numbers, etc. Many of the items MUST be exact. DO NOT BUY these items without reviewing the FULL SUPPLY list for details, explanations and alternatives. The list includes: 1 Poster board (22"x28"), Masking tape (1”), Ballpoint Pen (medium, black or blue), Red Pen (or pencil), Notebook Paper, 1/2" View Binder, Plastic protective pages (heavy weight), Sanford Sharpie, Pocket Notepad, Glue stick, Scissors, economy earbuds. Memory Drive, Camera. Additional supplies will be purchased in class with a $10.00 Fall Semester Lab Fee including 35mm Film and Photographic Paper. A fundraiser may help offset or defer the cost of darkroom supplies.

Class Procedures Reading these guidelines for this class' successful operation is anticipated and expected. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

Grading – See online for more info. Also see: Expectations.

Parent Self Serve - A most VALUABLE resource. Please register as soon as possible for IMMEDIATE grade notifications.

Special Internet Access -  This classroom allows students to access special photo websites. This allows access to some places that are not appropriate for this class, like Facebook. We will talk about more sites that are off limits, but under no circumstances are students to visit Social Sites in this classroom...unless I specifically tell them to go to FB, which is only 1-2 times in the year. Now, having said this, please go to www.Facebook.com/westbrookphoto and "Like" to follow announcements and participate in discussions.

Cell PhoneMUST BE TURNED OFF by 7:30. Some classes, including this one, may allow “Tech in Use” in support of the curriculum. Parents, PLEASE help support this policy by NOT texting your students, and providing consequences if a student use their phone inappropriately during the day (i.e. texting during class for no real reason, etc.). See Note to Parents at the bottom of Cell Phone page for additional details.

Lab Time – Details about extra work time in a computer lab on campus.

Contest – Various contests we will focus on during the course of the year.

Additional WB Policies – These are specific for West Brook, and change each year, so be sure to review.

New Student - if you miss the first few days of class (schedule change, absent), be sure to review this page.

9th Grade and Placed Students - See special letter on back of page 1 handout.

1st Period - Additional Notes Specific to the 1st period student.

Please return the:

Student Data,

Class Agreement, and

Computer Acceptable Use Policy (completed, initialed AND checked off on each question).

Mr. G. Loker      -    409-617-5552w, 409-454-4737c, gloker@bmtisd.com

Please email me if you have any questions.