Virus Scanning




Antivirus software has been installed on your computer (or will be today). If you use a memory stick that has been in ANYTHING other than a camera or computer store kiosk, you MUST run AVG AntiVirus as soon as you insert your memory stick in the computer. If you have put your memory stick in any other computer since your last scan, you must repeat the scan every time.

  • If you memory card has never been inserted into a computer (camera only) you do not need to scan
  • You MUST scan any thumb drives that have visited other computers since your last time in here.
  • If the AutoPlay Wizard appears and you have not done the virus scan…CANCEL immediately and do the virus scan.
  • Go to My Computer
  • Click through to your memory drive
  • Then right click to “Scan with AVG Free”



If you find a virus or something wrong…let me know ASAP as I can help you get rid of it.