Photo Book Unit Work - Applied Photography book

You may checkout a book to complete at home if you do not think you will be able to finish the unit work in class. If you have been assigned an extended assignment due to excessive absences, home bound, and/or are placed in an Alternative Education Plan Status (either in my room or outside in an alternative location), please see below and/or contact me to determine which units to complete based on the amount of time you will miss.

NOTE: Unless you have are assigned HomeBound, Alternative Education Plan or SAC work, only Unit 22 is required to be completed in class during the 4th 6 weeks.




4th Grade Period Unit Work - Complete only Unit 22 - Lighting for Portrait. Please keep your work until it is graded next week. If you do/did not finish during class, you must finish it on your own time next week or at home if you are behind on your computer projects. If you like, you can check out a book to take home AFTER the class day of unit work, or see below for accessing the book outside of class.


Find the unit in the blue Applied Photography book (Unit starts on p.156, but be sure to answer the questions on p.165...NOT the question on p. 156 which are the questions for Unit 21)) or open the Applied Photography PDF Unit 22 (\\\Public\Examples, Project resources, lessons, scans, books, articles, etc\Books\Applied Photo Text Book\AP Unit 22). Complete the 10 review questions at the end of the unit (p. 156-165). Answers only.  Do your own work on your own sheet of paper. You may check a book out to complete at home if you do not finish.


Unit Work via the internet. Check out a book if absent and you do not want to worry about accessing it via internet. We will be grading it next week. Get it done. This will be worth 5 points on the focus that counts 5 times. You only had to do ONE unit, but those -5 points are going to HURT if you don't do the unit. If you turned in your unit work, I still have it.




Campus Access to textbook -

\\\Public\Examples, Project resources, lessons, scans, books, articles, etc\Books\Applied Photo Text Book


Home Access to textbook -

        Text Book PDFs (slow access...large PDF patient while it downloads...especially on cellular connections)


The above link will open a directory...of which you can click on each file as you need each one for the various units. Here is a screen shot of what you should see when you click the link above.





Alternative Education Plan (Disciplinary/Extended Absence in class or alternate location):

General Instructions for completing the Unit Work for assigned units for the following.



Home Bound:

   Read Units, then Complete Review Questions initially for: 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 32, 34, 35, 36, 40, 41, 44. Complete additional units if these initial units are completed.

   Complete units in order deemed interesting (by the student) as time permits, or as absence is extended. Number of units should be approximately 1 unit for every 1 day of class missed (depending on if material is actually read). Also, complete a 1 page summary for each unit. Each unit will count 20 points and will be applied to various assignments in class. With out the summary, each unit is only worth 10 points so TWO units per day should be completed.

   It is important to understand that this is only alternative work. The above unit work will be used to fill in as many grades as possible. Considerable class based projects (both with the cameras and the computers) will be missed. Extended absences are certainly understood, but students should attempt to return to class as soon as possible and/or complete as many actual assignments as possible outside of class.

   If the Home Bound period is extended beyond a single Grade Period and the Applied Photography book is completed, an additional Graphics Technology Book is available for checkout to earn additional assignment credit with a similar setup as the Applied Photography book above.



Alternative Education Plan:

During the course of the semester, complete: