Typing.com  for Communication Graphics/Photography at West Brook HS


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If you already have Typing account, please connect to my account with the code:  55F1778BAC85D   <--- Copy this code, go to Account, scroll to bottom of the page and Join Class paste this code.


For your username, use something recognizable. i.e. Your Name. IOW, bigdaddy would not be a good one.


After you account has been created, for the next few days, until you have reached a high enough grade:


Go to http://www.typing.com/tutor/

Based on your existing typing experience, decide what course to begin with. If you have never touched typed, and have a hard time determining where the keys are, start with the beginner courses to learn where the keys are located. But as soon as you can, you need you need to work with:

Your goal over the next few weeks is to make sure that you can type at least ~45 words per minute.


When you do the test, please avoid clicking the GAME.


If you get the speed up really high, like in the 60s, you can generate a certificate that can be used to help you get a job.


Class Results





Your login credentials are:


User name:     wb###### (lower case wb and then your school ID)

Password:        ###### (school ID)




Outdated: Other typing tutors online include: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rvirga/TypingTutor.html or http://www.powertyping.com/  (or Google for others). Log your scores here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Av1TgV270uIadG92QUpNUngyTGxQUkN6WnRxblo3R1E#gid=0