Publishing Photo Item - Gift, etc.


This is very similar to the poster design project you did last year. In Photoshop, set up the document to simulate the size of the working areas. For example, if you are going to do a T-Shirt, it would be a 8.5 x 11 by 200dpi. Design several, but final grade comes from ONE (1) actual item ordered. Order during the Thanksgiving Break. Ordered item due THIRD WEEK of 3rd 6 weeks (in time for Christmas...although it does NOT have to be a gift for somebody else). Final grade comes from an actual FINISHED PRODUCT. Design several, then choose your favorite to order as an actual product.  Product is technically due by the end of 3rd 6 weeks but will be entered as a zero starting in the 3rd week of the 3rd 6 you MUST ORDER EARLY! Order multiples to save on shipping, i.e. one for your mom, one for your dad.


Your design must consist:

  1. A photo you took

  2. Text effectively utilized ON the photo or overall layout. This applies even if you are doing a calendar, or a mug. You MUST include some text that you layout.

  3. Credit line (i.e. "Photo by Me", or "Photo and Design by ME" where ME is your name. Oh, and don't put the quotes.)

Upload completed project to  Photoshop Class Project folder on PW.





I realize this could be a pricier project because you are only ordering one, custom designed product. In  the past, and in some case even today, publishing companies usually have setup that it is cost prohibitive to do just one product. Fortunately, the process has changed making it easier for a company to do just one item. But, generally, the first product is still the most expensive one. So, in many cases, to do just one can still be pretty expensive. Technically, you could choose to buy a kit, like a TShirt IronOn (at Walmart), or use a home inkjet, to print to an existing shirt, but the quality will be a lower and will not last very long (a few washings). Also, the cost of the package of TShirt Transfers runs about $10 for about 10 sheets.


The quality of this project should be very nice...and something you will treasure for a long time. I recommend ordering more than one, or additional projects as gifts to reduce the shipping expenses, and to make the project more meaningful for you. I have decreased the number of required 8x10s in recent years, to help decrease the cost associated with prints, to help justify the cost of this project in particular.  - Economical print services of all types. I have ordered business cards VERY inexpensively (I think my first set was even free) and the quality is excellent. No minimum order. - No minimum order...a little expensive, but good quality I can vouch for from orders that I have placed including Mugs and TShirts. - Cheaper shirts, but $50 minimum use if you want order say, 10 shirts. Or, you want to order mugs, shirts, mouse pads, etc. - Look for free shipping offers on a regular basis on orders over a certain amount. I have used Shutterfly for a long time, but most recently ordered a photo book, mugs, and post cards. VERY good quality and customer service. - watch for at the time of this writing, they were offering 50% off on Photo Gifts. They also say you can now order several photo gifts and pick up in the store the same day.