Star Trek


To say that I am a Star Trek fan would be a mild understatement. But I am not a die hard or fanatic...I don't have any Star Trek outfits, or gadgets. But I have seen every episode of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise (all centered around the original ST) with a staggering total of over 600 episodes. Bottom line? That is a heck of a long history with something that as a very young boy (early '70's) my parents and my sister and I would gather around the family TV (the only TV) to watch Star Trek on Sunday afternoon. Regardless of whether you have ever seen a Star Trek, the new movie should be very enjoyable. It is at the very least VERY action packed with NON-stop action from the very first second to the nearly the very end!
To the new person, Star Trek is the Earth version of Star Wars which makes it a little closer to home...and a little more believable. This movie is going back to before even the very first episode, kind of like how Star Wars went back and did 1-3. This movie is about the young Kirk, how he became captain, and how Kirk met Spock. The new movie was VERY well done as it does a REALLY good job of tying in all of the characters! And, to help those of you who may be interested in seeing the new movie, I am going to show some of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It is one of the funnier movies...and will show a lot of character development. I'll try to fast forward over some of the slower parts...and start with the brief synopsis of the movie history so you know what is going on in STIV.
STI - The Motion Picture - This was the first movie obviously, in 1979. But, it was ironic because the series itself that started in 1966 (2 years before I was born) just BARELY had enough shows to make syndication. Normally, a series needs 100 shows to make it to syndication (reruns on non major networks). But the series survived...and sprung into 11 movies and 5 additional spin off series. STI was pretty much like a regular episode, just movie length and grandeur It wasn't really all that good. Kind of long...but neat that it was a movie...and for 1979, it was decent, and it rekindled the interest in ST: TOS...and more movies.
STII - The Wrath of Khan   June 4, 1982 - This was a pretty good movie. The key though to the series is that Spock DIES at the end...because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. 
STIII- The Search for Spock June 1, 1984 Not that great of a movie...just ok, glad it was released...but as we soon learn, the the odd releases of Star Trek movies are destined to be doomed (5 wasn't very good either...but 7 was better and 9 was really good).  The key to this movie is that you learn that Spock lives, his casket that was sent to a freshly made planet in STII regenerated Spock to a little boy. Kirk has to go save Spock. In doing so, he broke several rules of command (like stealing the Enterprise), and then hijacks a Klingon warship also (not good).
STIV - The Voyage Home November 26, 1986 Kirk and his crew head for Earth to stand at their court martial for the theft of the late Enterprise, and its subsequent destruction, when they find Earth under siege by a giant probe transmitting a destructive signal -- intended for the extinct humpback whales. Kirk takes his crew back to the late 20th century to retrieve some whales so they can respond. This was by far the best movie to date...and at least until the last few movies, fell right in with the even series movies that were the block busters. The reason there is so much humor is because 1) Spock isn't himself and 2) they go back to Earth of 1986 (from like 2275).
There are more movies of course...but this will catch you up today's feature presentation. Enjoy!