The Timing of Photography



This is a topic I find most interesting!


Instead of rambling in a lecture format, I want to challenge you with a mission. Where have you been that you shot a picture that ONLY existed RIGHT THEN. Maybe even so unique that if you returned back to the same spot, you couldn't shoot the picture again no matter what. I challenge you to make a Picasa Web Gallery with special pictures just like this.


The key to success with this topic is having your camera with your, and ready. Fortunately, some moments are easily captured with a cell phone, but many do require a full size camera. Some shots you have to wait for the height of the moment, or the scene to even develop. Learning to recognize those moments...that's what makes the difference sometimes.




I certainly did not consider this aspect of photography in my first 10 years of shooting. Maybe not even the second 10 years. Really, only in the last 10 years (age 48 in 2016 and I started shooting before I was 15) have I been awed and overwhelmed with the MAGIC of photography and the "WONDER of LIGHT" when something is shot at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.


The idea is that we may pass a spot only one time in our life. The saying "I was at the right place at the right time" may be cliché but has come to mind, in many of my photos. It never ceases to amaze me as my wife and I have driven around many places to find ourselves in a fascinating place at a wonderful moment.


A lot of these moments have had something to do with the Moon/Sun and/or other Night Photos, no doubt, but more often it is has been fate, inspired frequently by my wife in an uncanny way to direct us that has landed us in wonderful photo ops. In other words, the REALLY special photos have been a combination of TIMING of our OWN persons as well as the TIMING of the events around us, frequently as a result of some SOLAR or LUNAR event.


A big part of this concept is that things are changing every day around us. Locations change. The landscape may be forever change. Buildings may be built...or torn down. We may move our residence. We may visit somewhere special. Our attitudes and feelings about things may change, and affect what is meaningful to us. In fact, sometimes when a picture is taken, it may not be meaningful yet. It may take other forces and actions to transform our capture into something more meaningful.


So, my challenge for you, this year and beyond, is to build a Web Gallery of photos that are UNIQUE because of the time you go there. Start the Web Gallery TODAY with some unique picture you have taken that only existed at that fraction of a second. Maybe it doesn't exist at all any more. Or maybe it was just one of those types of photos that existed right then and there.