Staff Photo Story Collage - Staff Event









Why do a story?


Planner for your Photo Story is due 3rd Tuesday of the 6 weeks when you walk into class. Be sure to include:

  1. Topic
  2. Teacher (or staff member) - Community Leaders
  3. List of 10 photos that you will use (either that you already HAVE or will shoot for).


NOTE: Numerous changes to this project have been discussed IN CLASS. I am updating the following information below as fast as possible to reflect the EASIER and shorter version of this project. Basically, shoot an activity in a class, make a collage in Picasa and email a link to the teacher.





  1. Coordinate with a teacher, staff member or other person of authority to plan for a photo story. You will be shooting pictures during THEIR class...and it would be best if you could shoot during that designated time that you have them. However, if you are willing to take photos on your own time, you are welcome to do so. All photos must be taken on or before the last class shooting date so that you can start the project with the rest of the class. NOTE: You might want to have the teacher announce to the class that you will be there during class so the STUDENTS can be prepared (they might want to dress up, or wear something special for your photo story). Also note that the story MUST be of an official activity of people doing things.

    • If shooting during another class, like when you have art, report to that class, get a pass to come get a camera, or use your own if you have a high resolution smart phone and the lighting is VERY good.
    • If absolutely necessary to shoot during this class, pick a time when I am not lecturing. Be sure to ask ahead of time. It would be better to shoot during the class you are in with the activity.
  2. Photograph a class/activity on the designated day. Be sure to take notes while shooting, including getting the name of anybody who appears in your photo.

  3. Using Picasa, create a collage. This is similar to before, so this should be pretty easy. You do not HAVE to vary the size of the images and/or have one large image. The layout should be logical, effective and pleasing. Not to few, not too many.  Using Photoshop, create a photo story layout. Technically the size of a two page magazine spread would be 17x11. But, for the purpose of this assignment, please set up your document to be an 11 x 8.5 x 200 dpi (resolution). ******Design program note: For simplicity, due to the lack of time, you may CHOOSE to use MS Word, to create your Photostory in the same style of your Portrait, 3 Views and Motion Poster. If your photos are YELLOW from shooting with the wrong white balance (i.e. no flash indoors and you left it on AWB) then you really need to use Photoshop where I can help you adjust the color of the photographs.

  4. Create captions for the photos to tell a story. To keep it simple, you can make one caption like the layout below, or, more like a yearbook page with a caption for each photo. Be sure to give yourself credit on the page with a "By Line" such as "Photos and Collage by YOUR NAME". Bold the first portion as an attention getter: "What's that? Tyrone Johnson, Crockett freshman, inspects a Golden Orb Web Weaver's web in the walkway outside Engineering II Building. These spiders are non-poisonous. Their diet consists of mosquitoes and other insects. A locust is caught in the spiders web. Photo by Drew Loker"

    1. DO NOT USE ING in the captions. Make everything in the past tense. Students dissected the cat. Not, Students are dissecting the cat.



Photo Story Activity Ideas:

    Your original cooperating teacher/staff member may not make a good candidate for this activity. They may not have a class suitable for shooting during YOUR photography class with me. Or, the activity you want to cover may be over for the year or outside of school time. It is really best that you shoot something during your assigned class. But, if you are willing to make an extra effort and cover something outside of your normal class time, then you may. If you do not have an activity, here are some ideas to consider to try to find something during your class. Remember, the emphasis is to provide a staff member a professional looking graphic they can use on their webpage and/or to hand out to potentially interested students.


Shooting day reminders:



This first sample is a 6 page Magazine Article Spread. You will only need to do on horizontal 11x8.5...simulating the two facing pages of a magazine.



The following is a good example of a photo collage from a yearbook. Note: your samples should include text describing each photo. Also, not how each caption has an attention getter that has a different style as the rest of the caption.

Here is a Newspaper Layout about the OLD Beaumont vs. a MODERN Beaumont:

WB Student Samples:

         Good  Original...before cropping a couple of images.


Incomplete...lacks captions and credit line.


Sample of email to send to the teacher with your completed work:


PLEASE ADD #WBperiod# to the subject of the email.


A note of thanks...and even a request for another one to be done. This is indeed a very popular activity.



Conclusion - emailing a LINK to your staff member (a sample screen shot is below):

  1. Have a neighbor (or two) proof your collage THEN ask me to proof it.

  2. SHARE the collage to your Collage Gallery online.

  3. Email a LINK to the NOT email the actual collage. In other words, in PICASA Web, click on the collage, and get the link at the top in the URL with the long URL. This will let them open it, view, download it, etc. If you want them to see ALL or MORE of the pictures you took, you can put a gallery online of more pictures and send them a link to it as well. Do NOT SEND FULL SIZE IMAGES TO THE TEACHER EMAIL!!!

  4. Copy and NOT click the will open Outlook, which is NO good.

  5. Ask the staff member to please Reply ALL that they were able to view the image. This will allow me to confirm that you got their email correct. (note...this is NOT done in the sample image below)

  6. Sample Email:

    • Hello. Thanks for the opportunity to take pictures of the class activity. Here is the link to a collage I made for you. Please let me know if you see any changes that need to be made. Otherwise, feel free to download the image to use as you see fit. Hopefully you can use this on your Staff WebPage. Please "Reply All" so that my teacher knows you were able to see the collage. Sincerely, Your Name

    • Unfinished...please put in the email that you didn't finish, but wanted to send what you got.

    Be sure to monitor if your teacher is able to open it. You may have to email them the actual image as Google services are sometimes blocked on some computers.

  7. CC me,  so that I know it has been done

    • A word about CC vs. BCC.

      • CC is Carbon Copy...and allows you to email other people that were not the main recipient. You should know that some junk mail filters will block the email. So, it is a good idea that people you CC actually get your email.

        • You should be careful about replying to all, because it will go to everybody.

      • BCC is BLIND Carbon copy. This is helpful when you send an email to one person, but you want somebody else to get the email with out the main person knowing that it was sent to another person. This can be very dangerous if the person you sent to as BCC replies to all, the main recipient may get the reply also.

        • BCC is also use for large BULK emails so ebots (automated systems designed to harvest (usually maliciously) emails. So, if you mail say 100 people, if you put the in the BCC field, the emails are hidden. Just be sure to warn people that important emails may go to their junk folders.







Prior Years Below - use as a reference

Activities to shoot on Photo story Shooting Day:

    It is best to come up with your own AHEAD of time...but in case you don't, or you haven't shot for it, below is a list of activities I will be assigning you to.

Only ONE person per activity at any given time (however, students may shoot the same activity if say at different class periods) - periods listed after room number then lunch if applicable. Report back for reassignment if your activity is canceled or otherwise not available:

Generally available every year, and all day except where noted.

Cookie Day Crew (through 5th period) - be sure to get pictures of the actual students of the Crew...not so much the teachers.

SAC - P20, all day - you just have to wait for the story to develop. (this is a joke)

Cafe - 5th only. A good idea, but they declined to have their picture taken 2011-05-12

Journalism Room - Yearbook and Newspaper activities, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. 3-5 would be the best. 2nd lunch...but might still have people working in the room)

Library - tell a story (with pictures) about the workers and the resources available to students, etc. All day.

Woodshop - all but 3rd period. 3rd lunch.



May be available

Blood Drive - gym - all day? (was on Wednesday in 2011)



Teachers who previously responded to an email expressing an interest to have a student visit them:



Jumper - Model Building - G1  - All but 4th

Schwarzlose - J8 - Interviews - 5th (b) and 6

Irving - J11 - Daily work - 2nd half of class

Chastain - S? - Lab work - all but 2nd and 7th, 1st half of class

Dehart - 305 - Lab - 2, 5, 6, 7


Duell - Orchestra - 2nd and 7th



Dissection - pig

    Vowell - 309 - Possibly all but 5th.

    Lack - 306 - Possibly all but 5th.

    Traylor - 307 - 1, 3, 4, 6, 7.

Softball - Softball field - 7th period only

Hawkins - Jeopardy?? - C15. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 2nd lunch.

Schwarzlose - Speech...job interview rehearsals. J8, 1-6. 2nd lunch.

Tucker - Math Labs recording height vs. arm span with graphic results, N7. All but 4th.1st lunch.

Millard - tie dye shirts are hanging up to dry...might be able to reset people working on them, etc. V2. All but 5th.




Don't forget to control your white balance if you turn your flash off.




Due to having BOTH STAAR and TAKs testing (at least for one more year), and a desire to put more emphasis on your Photoshop Deviation Galleries and PowerPoint Projects, I am dropping the Photostory Project.