Class Shooting Assignments - during class


Please review this page for shooting assignment details and reminders PRIOR to your assigned shooting days.


Most of your photography will be done OUTSIDE of class. There are only so many things you can shoot on campus. We only shoot a couple of times in the first semester during class. Then, when we switch to digital in the 2nd semester, you will shoot more as you shoot for each related computer project. You will shoot first with film, shooting one roll of film on campus. This will be processed at a commercial lab...and you will then print your pictures in the darkroom. The 2nd shooting will again be on campus in Focus 3.


Photo I

Film Shooting - First semester

Students will shoot on commercial film, to be processed at Sams. Students will then use the film to print pictures in the darkroom.


Digital Shooting - 3rd 6 weeks and 2nd semester

We will shoot 5-6 times in the 2nd semester with the digital cameras. When shooting with the digital cameras, you may bring your own camera if you have a DSLR...but only if you can keep it VERY safe. Digital shootings will be uploaded to PicasaWeb.


Photo II-IV

Film shooting - Focus 1/2 - One roll of film


Digital Shooting   - Google Plus Galleries Required


Grading Guideline:

Film Completion = 50 Points

Contact Sheet = 10 Points

8x10 (if 2) = 20 points


Grading Comments