Self Portrait

Here are a few examples of self portrait. If you need more examples, use (a creative photography website), look up “self portrait” for some ideas for your self portrait (keyword search will need to be completed at home due to internet restrictions). But watch out…somebody may have already “taken” your idea. There are some 5000 self portraits on Pbase alone.


West Brook participates in the Photo 1- Optional. Photo 2+ two or more self portraits are required.


The shadow on bleachers (below) is from the owner of…aka Slug. Here is his personal PBase Gallery:


Can you tell which ones are my self ports?




























Nikon Ad:

Miguel Perez, West Brook High School - 2nd Place Environmental Self Portrait

Multiple Award Winning Self Portrait by Kristin Warner, Comm II Senior, 2007-08:



Assignment Details:

The Subject is YOU.  You will, in effect, be documenting you.  All locations and activities are valid.  Do NOT make all photographs at the same location.  Convey your personality and interests.  Focus your attention on how light is used to convey a feeling or mood. Plan ahead 

How would you describe your personality--quiet, reversed, shy, friendly, outgoing, confident?

Is this how you think others see you?  What kind of mood are you in during your shoot--tired, happy, excited, worried?  Write down three or four words that best describe you and how you feel the day/s you are shooting.  Fill in the thumbnail sketch sheet with ideas of how you want to be composed in the frame.

So you ask how do you do all this by yourself? You will be able to work with a partner for this assignment.  Sooo…have your partner sit in for you so you can meter, compose, light, etc.  But make sure they are wearing a similar color as you for metering purposes.  You will have to be able to talk with your partner as to how it should look in the viewfinder…use your words and sketches to communicate with them.  You set up the shot and all they do is click the shutter release button.  You can also use the self-timer.