Be Safe

 -The path before you will be dangerous. Life is short and precious, so be careful.      Author Unknown

This page was initially inspired by a lesson on the photographic concept of Treatment of Motion. TOM is widely used by photographers of all types. Here is an interesting picture that was in news the day I introduced this topic:


(check out the business article on Harley-Davidson. Note, this is NOT a PRO-motorcycle endorsement by me. MOTORcycles use almost as much gas and are FAR, FAR more dangerous than driving a car. See Key Facts)



* 5,154 motorcyclists died in 2007 and 103,000 were injured...approximately SIX TIMES the rate for drivers of passenger vehicles. The one in the picture above was in Pt Arthur, Tx.


But death is the least of your worries, IMO!



But, hey, even quadriplegics find a way to make the most of life.



Point for this page? Be extreme and unique with your ACCOMPLISHMENTS...not your style or behavior!


Other traffic safety issues include the fact that in the United States:



If you are driving, hang up the phone, put down the stupid cigarettes (you need to quit anyway) and pay attention to the road:,, 


If you are driving a motorcycle, at least wear your helmet so you don't end up a complete vegetable and living on the publics money the rest of your life: 


If you are riding a bicycle, take the ear phones out of your year and ride on the correct side of the road: 



Here are some pictures of people in SE Texas that have lost their lives on Texas Highways:




These photos were taken as a part of my DADD essay (Drew Against Drunk Driving). Actually, I don't know why each of these people died. No doubt, many of there were mostly likely were alcohol related. But all of them resulted in the needless death ripped out of the arms of a loved one and most certainly could have been prevented.