How to Get Your Photo Published

    and "How to Write Good Captions"


Assignment:   Submit a photo to the YB and/or Newspaper staff

Goals:             Get your work published in a school publication

Tools:              Photoshop to prepare your photo



1. To submit your file, make sure you are connected to the teacher via SynchronEyes.

2. Make sure the name of your file is exactly like you want. SynchronEyes will attach your name to the file for you...but the file name should still be as specific as possible as to what is in the pictures. Windows XP allows for a pretty long file name...just don't add any special characters. A good file name might be: "Photo students study for quiz bowl - kayla sistrunk"

3. Complete a caption form. This link here will take you to a PDF that you can complete and email directly to the journalism staff. Or, you can pick up a photocopy to hand fill out in my room or G5. For assistance in writing a GREAT caption that will help get your photo published, see Caption Writing and Starting a Caption.