Parent Self Serve


A very valuable resource for parents and students has been added in recent years.


All steps can now be done at the Parent Self Serve site:


If you have NOT signed up for PSS, you can now do so by simply completing questions online to gain immediate access to all of the student grades.

If you are on a cell phone, try:


Contact people who can help at West Brook include


Counselor Office Assistants:



I sent out the following email one year to assist parents with an understanding of this resource available.



Dear Parents,


I hope the year is going smoothly for you. I want to take a few minutes to introduce and encourage you to sign up for Parent Self Serve:


I also want to encourage you to allow your student to access their information as well. [However, please note that the PSS User Agreement states to not share the password with anybody, so you should monitor the grades and share the information with your student.]


I have seen a dramatic improvement with parents AND students being informed with the immediate information possible with PSS.


Progress reports are very antiquated. Part of the problem is the timeline.


Progress reports are entered on the weekend after the 3rd Friday such that the information is not received until late in the 4th week. If a student fails to present the progress report the first day it is given out, it is frequently the 5th week before a parent learns of low grades. Teachers are required this year to have ALL progress reports returned, although this is something  I have required of my students for many years. The problem is that by the time I give the students a few days to return the progress reports, and then take action, it is already the middle of the 5th week with VERY little time to make changes, if even possible, in any of their classes.


The deadline for many teachers for turning in late work is frequently 1 week after the due date. By the time a parent with OUT PSS finds out a student is missing work, it is already too late.


In comparison, a parent/student with PSS finds out about a zero that has been recorded the same day it is recorded. This is VERY powerful as both a teacher and as a parent, but ultimately, it is good for the student as well.


The other problem with the printed progress report is that it is almost immediately outdated. So, by the time a parent receives the progress report, more grades (or the lack of) have affected their average. In addition, the progress report is only one single snapshot of their grade on the day it was entered, at the end of the 3rd week. PSS will help to monitor grades during the course of the 2nd half of the 6 weeks and is essential to avoid getting a low grade on a report card and trying to react next 6 weeks to assignments that have already passed.


A student having access to their grades also helps make sure that mistakes are not made. The computer system sometimes does NOT save grades, or I simply make a mistake. If a student turns in work, and later that day they see a zero online, they can react quickly to dispute the grade and get it corrected before it becomes a larger issue or never discovered until the 3 week interim, or even at the end of the 6 weeks. There is very little time to meet with students individually to discuss their grades. Most teachers require students to meet with them right after school to do so, and most students will not or cannot do that.


Anyway, I know it will take some time on your part to get it set up, and it may take some getting used to, but I think the end result will be higher grades, and fewer surprises. As far as letting a student access their own grade information, it is important to realize that in a just a few years, they will do so at places like Lamar. But more importantly, it helps them know what they need to do a lot quicker and they will be more responsible and can be held more accountable when they know exactly what they are missing at any given moment.


For example, all Photo 1 students have homework due when the walk in class tomorrow (Wednesday). I will have the assignment entered either by the end of the day or shortly thereafter. If your student doesn’t turn this assignment in, you will know by tomorrow…not the end of the 6 weeks when their average is lower then you expected. And the student will also know right away the impact of that zero on their grades, and what they are missing.


Hope this helps!! I haven’t actually set up PSS myself, but the links on the site seem to have some pretty good instructions.


Please contact the counselor’s office if you have any questions or need help in getting and/or restoring access.



George Loker
West Brook HS