Deadline is in TWO WEEKS!   Thursday, 1/19/17 at 5pm.


Although this contest is only open to Seniors and features a nice top prize of an art scholarship to Lamar, ALL seniors in Photo 3 and 4 are REQUIRED to enter this contest. Seniors in Photo 2 are EXPECTED to enter this contest.  This will take the place of your 4th Grading Period Current Event. Seniors in Photo 1 can also enter this contest and replace PDP 4a by printing for this assignment.


Please plan ahead starting in December to enter this most valuable contest. Even if you are NOT planning on going to Lamar, NOR any college, and NOT planning on majoring in Art, nor ANYTHING, you are expected to enter this. In addition to the Art Scholarship money, you get ART supplies for anything you can buy at Michaels, which includes photo supplies, portfolios, mount boards, etc. Finally, even if you go to another school, or you are planning on majoring in another subject, the scholarship can help you pay for electives during the semester while back here at home.


If you are entering a piece of work for Art, unfortunately , you may only enter once to this contest. As a result, if you would prefer to enter traditional 2d art, you will need to go ahead and complete your traditional coursework for this class.


Find the link to the current page: - click on the calendar, look for and click (the black bar is a link):


Protégé High School Art Competition and Exhibition Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony


Then click "To register or for more information, click here."    <--- Not a have to go to the link above. This will download a PDF for you.






Claire C, Kathryn B, Colby K and Katie R were all selected to represent South East Texas's top artist in the AMSETs 29th Protege Competition.
118 pieces of work were submitted this year with just 26 selected for exhibition, a tremendous accomplishment for each of these artist.
Claire C picks up a prestigious 3rd place from the 26 finalists earning Lamar Art Scholarship funding as well as art supply money for her drawing.
All 4 of these winners work will be on display April 20-24 in our library.
Please congratulate each of these artists for their outstanding achievement.





Will Slone is accepted into the show of 21 (from 120+ entries submitted). This is a great accomplishment.





It is with great excitement that I share with you this past week’s newest Protégé Winners. Miguel Perez and Maurissa Reyes were selected from over 100 entries for exhibition. Maurissa received an honorable mention for her drawing. Miguel was recognized with the top entry of the year receiving a 4 year art scholarship to Lamar. Miguel’s photo entry is the first ever photograph to win the Protégé contest in 27 years. AMSET staff suggested it was the first time a  West Brook student has ever won 1st place at this prestigious contest.




Andre' W wins HM - 131 Artists entered, 25 selected for the show. 8 winners. AWESOME...and our FIRST photography winner, ever!


2010-11 Protégé Winners...selected out of 118 entries, 30 displayed, Kris H picking up an HM for the piece right below. Kris Haro was a top photography, but choose to enter an 3d art drawing. A VERY awesome piece.



Storm Dodds with his father...represented in the drawing by Storm.