Class Presentations Available In Class and On-line


I am trying to get my class presentations converted to cloud based presentations, but it is a massive undertaking. I have not decided which site I like hang with me as I explore these new options. Generally, all presentations presented in class are available in the classroom on the Public Folder of the Class Server, \\\Public\Presentations and on the BISD Web Share Presentation Folder server in the Presentation Folder of my Documents Folder. If you are off campus, this later link will take you to a folder for you to browse for the exact presentation you are looking for. It may take several minutes for the presentation to download and will require that you have PowerPoint or at least a PowerPoint Viewer.. Several presentations are also available as webpages and/or are are ALSO shared via SlideShare...a 3rd Party Slide Sharing Service. In addition, some presentations were actually created online via Google Doc's Presentation Module. Google Docs allow uploading of PowerPoint Slide Shows which is really neat (I just figured this out just now, 10/22/08). But they put a file size limit of 10mb on the upload, so that puts a limitation on uploading all of my presentations, which would be nice.



Dropbox -  Best Option - this is the most CURRENT presentation of all the options on this page.


This link will allow you to download the exact presentation I use in class. 



It will take a moment to download, but you will then be able to open the presentation directly. Hit F5 to start the Presentation.












Note: Presentations in the following locations my be outdated by 1 day to a 1+ year.






On Campus - Better Option

\\\public\presentations - PowerPoint Presentations are located on the Class Server (as presented in class) via the folder if you are on the BISD network (i.e. anywhere on school property). Simply go to Run, then type \\\ then look for the presentations folder.








Off campus - Good Option

All presentations are in the: Web Share Presentation Folder.


Below are some specific ones to look for:



Alternative Options (if the above options do not work)

These may be outdate versions of the one presented in class, but should still be pretty close. I am always adding better examples, etc., so, if you can, use the version located on my Dropbox folder as it is the one that is most current.


PowerPoint Presentations at SlideShare - 3rd party website where I store the presentations in class...that you can visit and view...even download to your home computer.


PowerPoint Presentations at Google Docs - 3rd Party site for presentation (off site). Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to share my entire folder of published click on each presentation below.