Personal Photo Presentation - Movie/Slide Show


Outline of Assignment Details



Planner/Rough Draft homework for your Photo Slide Show Pres is due 3rd Wednesday of the 6th GP when you walk into class. Be sure to include:

  1. Topic
  2. List of 20+ photos you will use to tell a story.
  3. Song


Topics for Presentation: Anything you long as it is a new presentation you design for this class, primarily with pictures you have taken, and has a positive message. You CAN use pictures OF you, as long as ~90% of the pictures are BY you. You may use the cell  to scan a few pictures that only exist as a printed picture, like a baby picture, but it is easier to use a cell phone, even if you have to borrow a friends and email them.

Possible Topics:

Example presentation: “A Day in the Life at the WB”


Programs to create Photo Presentations

Because many of your photos are at home that might be used for this presentation, AND in lieu of the class days disrupted by STAAR/AP testing, it may be prudent to complete your Presentation at home if possible. Even in the classroom, the program you choose to make your slideshow/video can vary. The best plan is to use something that it is Internet/Cloud based, such as Prezi, as the BEST way to create AND present.


Other Slide Show Creator Options to create a slide show. The list below is for you for your future reference for other classes. These alternatives should only be used for this class project for an extenuating reason.

Internet Apps - great because you can work on it anywhere. There is a down side to Internet based presentations...if the internet goes down, you are going to be up a creak with out a paddle:

Local Apps


General Presentation Guidelines:



100 - Great presentation, good story, good photos, clearly shot for and developed the story through photography.

95 - Excellent Presentation - generally a near perfect story, too many typos, and/or didn't follow directions, no introduction, email challenges.

90 - Good overall job, but lacking enough photos and/or failing to follow directions.

85 - Good start, but numerous challenges and/or lacking photos, clearly didn't practice presentation, etc.

70-80 - Incomplete, but you still presented something

0 - Failed to present - Even you don't finish, you must present something!




Details for creating your PPP in Prezi:





Details for creating your PP in Picasa:

Video Tutorials for Picasa:

In Picasa, it is RIDICULOUSLY easy!

  1. Make an album for your video of your selected photos.

  2. Put text on each photo. You will SAY other stuff, but at least have a title...and a very brief explanation of what the photo is about, who is in it, etc.)

  3. Create Movie Presentation

  4. Choose the Transition

  5. Add an audio track

  6. Create Movie (Export)

  7. Upload to YouTube...send me a link (this is so we can play it in class)




LOTS OF CHANGES have NOT been updated below. Most of the following applies to previous versions of this assignment that used ONLY PowerPoint. So, please keep that in mind as you read over the following info. Although details below are specific to using PowerPoint, they apply in general as well to all videos/movies/prezis, etc.

Phases of Presentation Development:

Developing your presentation will have four stages: Planning, Input, Formatting, Presenting, Sharing. Please plan your story well. You must complete a storyboard and have it approved before you start your slide design. This storyboard must be kept and turned in with the final project.


Phase 1: Brainstorming Planner. 100 pts. Please use the sheet to plan your presentation. You should have a clear beginning slide and ending slide with credits. Recall the various pictures you have or can get from various sources, or what you will look for in the clip art book, etc. See sample below.

Phase 2: Creating the slides. 65 pts. Create a minimum of 10-12 slides...or a total of 2-4 minutes of pictures. Add text where appropriate, etc. as a prompt for you when you present. Do not feel compelled to put everything you are going to say on the slide. Your INTRO slide does not count as one of your slides unless it is creatively done with a picture. If it is simply text, then you start counting your total number of slides with your 2nd slide. Also, add a "The End" slide which must contain a picture(s) if is to be counted as part of your presentation. General grading details for your pres: 10 slides (with multiple pictures and animation) = 100, 10 no animation = 95, 9=90, 8=85, 7=80, 6=75, 5=70. (Remember that the number of slides is only part of the grade).

Phase 3: Adding transitions, animation, and THEN music. 5 pts. Only AFTER you have all of your slides created, then you can work on the transitions and animation. Do NOT even think about adding music until you have a working presentation. Transitions are required...but are only a small part...up to 5 points for effective transitions and animations. Music is OPTIONAL and will not improve nor decrease your score. If you do add music, be sure to keep the volume down low so you can speak over the music.

Phase 4: Presentation. 20 pts. You will present your presentation which is worth up to 20 points of your final grade. Although the presentation counts 20%, NOT presenting results in a ZERO. The point of the 20 points is such that if you stand up here and do a terrible job, then it affects 20% of your grade. But not presenting at all constitutes having not completed the project. Practice your presentation to perfect your delivery to give an effective presentation telling us the stories behind your photos. Your presentation MUST be presented before the seniors in your class leave. This could be different for different classes. Presenting to a reduced class is ineffective and will result in late grade penalty of 10 points. Avoid using: "This or that is", "That WAS", etc. over and over in the delivery of your presentation . Tell us a story.

Phase 5: Sharing - Although not required, it is recommended that you post your link to your presentation to Google + so others can watch your presentation later, including your friends and family.




Presentation Tips (mainly PowerPoint, but may apply to other programs as well):


PowerPoint Specific Tips:


PowerPoint Screen shots:

Inserting music and preparing it to play:



Increase number of slides to play to double the number of slides you think you will have:




Package to Go (for CD, etc.):




Story Board Samples:


Hector's "My Favorite Pictures"...screen shot of his PowerPoint Slide Sorter View:


Other good student pres:

Sara Nguyen, Macy Riggs



Class Discussion:

Why use Computer based presentations, like PowerPoint? MSOffice 2007

Professional/legible, Organized, Visual, Easier to make changes/edit, Cost Efficient, Make Backups, Portable, Easy to entertain, to be enthusiastic, provides visual prompts for the speaker.


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