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Project Details

Rough Draft Sample

Steps for creating Poster - Including where to find the Art Work (my pictures and ClipArt) and final steps for exporting and sharing for grading (step 7/8)

Image Sources - especially for Poster 1

Final Steps for Emailing your Final

Poster 1 Examples

Text on Pictures or color backgrounds

Poster 2 Examples

Clubs and Organizations

Staff Room Numbers


Project Details

Video tutorials for Poster Setup: RUN (Windoze Key + R) then type in... \\ (UN: photo1, PW: photo1 - save credentials) then go to "\Public\Photoshop\Training, Video Tutorials\Posters with Photoshop" Open With VLC video player (you may have to Right Click, "Open With..."

1.     Each student will make a total of two (2) 8.5x11 inch posters

a.      At least one of the posters will be vertical and one will be horizontal.

b.     All posters will consist of text AND graphics. The graphics can be clip art, a photo or drawn by the student..

c.    Poster themes:

                                                              i.      1st poster topic will be a theme/message poster. It can be motivational, spiritual, a song lyric, etc. See Quotes Must be an official quote. You can NOT be the author of the quote. After you determine your quote, develop a ONE WORD title to represent the theme of the poster. Or, determine the TITLE, then find a quote.

                                                            ii.      2nd poster will be a promotional piece for a teacher or staff member (counselor, principal, etc.). Choose a staff member to them in advance...and make sure the staff member knows not to agree to work with anybody else. Then ask them what poster they would like designed. Note: The teacher you choose now will be the same for all of your projects for the year. You will do at least two more projects for that teacher, one of which will be a gift. P2 will be in the 3rd 6 weeks. For P2, you will be choosing a staff member to work with for various projects this year, starting with Poster #2. Staff selections will be on an approval basis (get their permission), although you don't need to tell me who it is just yet, just make sure agree to NOT work with anybody else. Only one person per staff member. You will need to talk to the person first to make sure they will have time to work with you approving rough drafts, etc. Then, when I ask for your staff person, let me know and I will put your name down for that person. Let them know you are working on another project, so it will be a few weeks before you begin work on it, but that you need a rough draft ahead of time. So, PLAN now for a poster they can use later on in the year.

Staff List, Sign up -


d.     All posters must be appropriate for production at school.

e. Posters MUST be as TIMELESS as possible. It needs to be something that is good for at least several months. Do NOT make a poster for something that is about to happen in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months from now as this assignment could span more than 6 weeks.


2.     Each poster must be completely planned before the student begins to work on each…i.e.. you must have a rough draft WITH YOU to start work on that poster. Start designing the rough drafts now, especially for Poster #1, as I will check for the first rough draft in just a few days. You will need to be working on the rough draft design of the 2nd poster (the teacher poster) WHILE or shortly after you are completing the 1st poster on the computer). All rough sketches must be on unlined paper. They should be approximately the same size as the finished product. Rough drafts for the faculty/staff person will need to be signed by that faculty/staff person BEFORE the computer design phase begins.


  1. All posters must have a "by line" - giving credit to the designer (you) and art work. Depending on use, the by line can be made really small name in 6-10-point Times font from the computer in the bottom right hand corner.  Ex. "Poster by Your Name" (with out the quotes). Give credit to the photography or source of art work.

  1. Posters will be done in Photoshop. Dimensions: Set to US paper, then change the resolution to 200. This will create a vertical. If you want a horizontal, swap the 8.5 x 11 around.

  1. More instructions on using clip art and photos will follow. Please be patient in the design, proof and review process that a project like this involves.

  1. Additional posters may be completed for the annual Health Theme of the Year poster and/or the National Smoke Out Poster contests.



Poster 2 - Initial Communications/Email

Email Example - Copy and paste the following...Subject Line first...then the body.

Email Subject

Poster Project for Communication Graphics Class


Email Body - 3x click (triple click) and copy the following. After you paste it into your email, put some line breaks to break up the paragraph.

Hello. I would like to do a promotional poster for you. Have you agreed to work with anybody yet? If so, please let me know as I have to pick somebody that has not already been taken. If I am able to work with you, do you have any ideas for a poster that you would like designed? The poster has to be an Advertisement, Directional, or Informational, etc. for your class or an organization you are in charge. Please let me know what I can design for you, and I will design a rough draft. I will include basic contact info, but if you have any specific info that you would like to be included, please let me know that as well. The design will not be completed until AFTER CHRISTMAS...probably LATE JANUARY, but I will start working on this after Thanksgiving. Also, as you may know, I will be designing you a special set of personalized notepads. I plan to design something I think you will like, but if you would prefer a special design, let me know and I will try to incorporate your request into the design. Looking forward to working with you.


Sign your email with your name



Monitor your email...if you don't get a fairly quick response, you will need to talk to the teacher to reply to your email and/or send another email to another teacher.


The favor of a reply is appreciated. anticipated.


-    (DO NOT CLICK THE EMAIL...right click their email address to COPY then PASTE into your email)




Alternative EMAIL - In the event that you do not get a response, you may need to send an email to another teacher. Go to your Sent Mail folder, and forward the original email, changing and/or adding additional details and/or additional recipients.


If you have to send ANOTHER email, you may want to include multiple teachers in the second email and add the following comment to the email:


I am sending this to several teachers. The first to reply will get a poster designed for them. Please let me know as soon as possible as I do need a teacher to work. Mr. Loker approved teachers desiring more than one poster to work with multiple students. Thank you in advance for your time.




7. Finals steps for Exporting your  a. Poster 1  and   b. Poster 2

a. Poster 1 Final Steps before then for Exporting

b. Poster 2 Final Steps for Exporting (i.e. Save AS)


Steps for Creating Poster Design in Photoshop


Image sources for Poster 1 - any image you have permission to use. Random images on the Internet do not generally come with copyright free permission to use. Some do, like on Wikipedia, and they have some copyright free usage allowed. However, I do NOT want you randomly browsing the internet in class looking for images. If you want to do this, you must do it from home and email yourself the photo):

  1.     Your own pictures (MUST be high resolution) - NO front facing camera images. - Email photos to yourself in HIGH RES.

  2.     Any of my pictures can be used Run \\\public (User: photo1, PW: photo1)

  3.     Any thing found in the ClipArt 600k image collection Run \\\public  then look for the Clipart 600k folder   (Disc AE24-28) - do NOT credit me with these photos.



* All text MUST go in a text box!!


Rough Draft Sample of P1:

Poster 1 Examples (Motivational, Spiritual, Environmental, etc.):

NOTE: Unlike some examples shown or seen below, text MUST go BELOW the photo...NOT on the photo. Also, the overall layout should match the "Successories" style of a TITLE in large print, and the longer quote below.

View Previous Student Samples

Official Example (the LSU poster) and others: Yours needs to look VERY much like this one. Picture with a frame. Light background. Text with a LARGE title, with the quote smaller.

Avoid solid black or dark borders, it may look good, but if and when it is printed on a laser prints, it tends to curl:



Do NOT put TEXT on top of a PICTURE.

Sometimes it can look good, but, it is MUCH more difficult to work with. AND, is even more difficult to get a good print if and when it is printed.

Consider these commercial examples:


Actual samples.

Use the entire sheet of paper. But watch out if printing (we will only UPLOAD the final project). When you do a print preview (see next image below), you will see that entire picture will NOT print (see the second railroad shot) because a printer HAS a margin no matter what you do. Also, if you know the photographer (you or me, give photo credit: "Photo by").


(sample from when MSWord was used for this project)


No solid black borders.

Looks good...but doesn't print well. We will be uploading this initially to a website, rather than printing. However, at the end of the year, you may decide you would like it printed and that is when the black borders could be an issue.

No text on pictures. Looks good, but doesn't print well.

Most pictures do not support text on top of the image. If you wanted to do text on top of the picture for another project of your own, you would need to use a transparent box like below. But for this class project, do not do this.


No color backgrounds.

At some point in your school/work career, you may need to put photo on a text.

In the event that you MUST use a photo. Avoid similar color text on. Use VERY high contrast...use a stroke!

Example 1: A friend of mine owns Compassion Hospice. I actually serve on the board of directors for the company, so I am very aware of the details behind this FIASCO that ultimately cost my friend about $1,000 because of putting blue text on the black background. Even though the publishing company was partly to blame, the owner had to pay about $1,000 to have all of the signs reprinted. The blue text BARELY showed in direct sunlight (right), and would disappear in lower light (left). Bottom line, you couldn't even see the name of the company. The location of the sign was right across from Baptist, and was intended to increase sales through name recognition. FAIL!



Here is the redone billboard...notice the white background...and how much better the text shows up.


Example 2: Some of you know that I rode a bicycle from Houston to support of the MS150. MS is Multiple Sclerosis...a non-fatal, but terrible muscular degenerative disease that increasingly impairs a persons ability to control their muscles. The side effects eventually kill a person, but not before they live a long time suffering from the affects of the disease. My mother-in-law passed away Dec 2011 after 20 years of fighting the disease. The bike ride consisted of approximately 10k people raising money. The bike ride was easy, raising money was not. Even still, I did work hard to raise over $1,000 for the fight which was enough to be recognized as a Top Fundraiser. Having ridden a bicycle to Florida and other long distances, the 170 mile, 2 day ride was not that difficult. But I was pretty excited to have achieved the status of Top Fund Raiser for a good cause, and was excited about getting the shirt. When the shirt came in, I couldn't believe what I saw. Somebody apparently didn't take my class, designed the shirt. They had put black text on a blue shirt such that the text almost completely disappears...and this is the BEST picture. In some lighting, you can't even see the text at all. FAIL!







Poster 2 (Staff Poster) Examples: P2 & P3 MUST be a fairly timeless poster, or at least something that happens each year.





Check out the most current list here:

Note, your staff member does NOT have to be a sponsor of a club, these are just here as a reference as these people are likely to need/want posters. Also note that the teacher many have changed since this was update (10/2013) so ask around if you are not sure who is leading a club and there may also be new clubs.

Sign up here:

Abel	P22	Haggard	F3	Perez	G8
Ahysen	T14	HamiltonF8	Petkovsek S1
Akins	V60	Hansard	V26	Pharis 	J23
Anderson 306	Harrell	D7	Phillips G4
Bailey	H12	Hayes	C10	Plasencia C8
Belden	Nurse	HemmingsT1	Powell	P16
Boone	V60	Isom	J48	Preston	F7
Boyd, S.J48	Jackson	J48	Raiford	H9
Boyd, T.302	JenningsT11	Richardson J29
Boyd, W.A25	Johnson, J.C17	Ritchie	T16
Boykin	N13	Johnson, M.C5	Robertson M14
Brasseaux 311	Jones	T2	Robinson H8
Bray	J48	Kirk	V55	Rodriguez N9
Breaux	K32	LeMastersA7	St. John G5
Brinson	T3	Lincoln	307	Sanders	V5
Bryant	J48	Loker	V61	Scott	N6
Castro	T5	MaceirasP12	Serrano	S3
ChastainS5	Major	V7	Shumaker GGYM
Chilton	A24	Martin	E5	Simon	BGYM
Cisneros N7	MatthewsA23	Smith, D. D9
Clary	V6	McCown	H5	Smith, T. V62
Clement	J21	McKellerH11	Soberon	T4
Clinton	D3	Mencey	C12	Spacek	A19
CopelandM45	Millard	V2	Tanner	J54
Crosby	S2	MillicanV8	Taylor	V38
Darby	P19	Milton	GGym	Terro	D8
DeHart   305	Minyard	H3	Thomas	A12
Dillon	Library	Monroe	J35	Turner	M45
Douglas	D4	Morgan	M17	Unusdeen S4
Faulk	H10	Mosley 	V43	Upshaw	304
Fischer	D2	Mouton	J48	Walker	H13
FlaniganBFH	Muse	M10	Wall  	P14
Forcier	E6	Nguyen	P20	Walton	K33
FoxworthA1	Nichols, J.N4	Warner	G1
Garner	C9	Noblitt	P15	Webb	P17
GerlufsenD10	Noddin	S6	Whiteside, C. FH
GigliottaA15	Parish, J.310	Whiteside, L. T15
Gober	A6	Parish, S.308	Wilkin	C1
Guidroz	G2	PattersonV45	Woodall, T. V31
Guillory, A.N11	Pavez	T7	Yarbrough N3
Guillory, C.GGym	Peevey	A2		



Teachers are WAITING, literally, for you to talk with them! Get busy!




Email that is sent to the Staff:

From: George Loker
To: 008-Staff
Subject: Staff Poster Project for Comm Graphics Students


Hello Staff,

Do you have a Computer Poster need? Let one of my Comm I students design one for you.

This project is for the 2nd half of the 3rd 6 weeks, but I want to make sure there is ample time for planning. The student will also be designing “NotePads” for their selected staff member in the 1st half of the 3rd 6 weeks as a “gift”.

Here are the details:

1.      The objective is to get students to create projects that are useful for you. 1) Poster Design and 2) NotePads.

2.      The student is to brainstorm (with some input from you) something you want or need, like for your room, or a flyer of a program/event, etc. After coming up with a topic, they will then sketch a rough draft, then layout the project on the computer and deliver a completed poster to you. The idea is to simulate the work place where they will create and produce a project that will actually be used.

3.      Only work with one person. If anybody else asks you after you agree to work with a student, please say NO. I am trying to spread out the students to help as many of you all as possible with this computer project. I have listed out the students at the bottom of this email if you would like to seek out a student.

4.      The poster should be: Instructional/Directional, Informational, Recruiting, etc. Like instructions for an assignment, a price list, or an advertisement for your organization. Ask for something you really need or could use in your classroom, office, or program. Maybe you have a hand written set of instructions, or something hanging in your room that needs updating. If you really can’t think of anything you need, please defer the student to another staff member. Asking the student to just pick something, or to make something too simple, like a picture with a quote on it, makes it more difficult on the student. Their first poster design was to design a message/motivational poster and supposed to be really simple. So, this 2nd poster should be of sufficient complexity to warrant some serious desktop publishing skills.

5.      Let the student do the rough draft. Feel free to give them something written, especially if it is something that already exists in hand written form that you want typeset with graphics. But let the student figure out how it is going to be arranged.

6.      Try to keep it timeless, or at least a yearly event. If asking for a poster for an event, definitely pick something that is several weeks off. We will provide you will the jpeg and/or pdf file so you can print as many copies as you want each year. We only work on this project about 1 or 2 days a week with the other days in the darkroom or other photo and computer projects, so please be patient. Most students will not even start this project until after Christmas.

7.      Be realistic but also sufficiently complex. If you give a very capable student a simple poster request (their first poster is to simply pick a picture and put a quote on it), then they are going to be done too quickly. So, ask for something that is on level with the student’s ability.

8.      9th grade teachers…help me help you. They will only know a handful of staff members on campus. And strangely, for a 2nd year in a row, I have an uncanny number of 9th graders! If I HAVE to, I might allow two (2) ninth grade students per 9th grade staff member, but let’s see how it goes first.

9.      If you would like to review the details of the entire assignment, you can do so here:  (the staff poster is Poster #2). BTW, I have updated the complete list of sponsors for the clubs and organizations to help route students to those who are more likely to need a poster, but please let me know of any corrections or special requests.


Hopefully a student will contact you in the next few days, if they haven’t already, about designing a poster. They have a rough draft due that needs to be designed by them and signed by you. I really appreciate those that take the time to help with this project. In return, hopefully, you get something you can use. If you can help them with a serious poster that you need, it would be most helpful. The students will have a couple of weeks to choose their teacher and to brainstorm a poster idea.



Poster #3 (Outside Poster): P2 & 3 MUST be a timeless poster, or at least something that happens each year.

                                      iii.      The 3rd poster needs to be a business poster/flyer...something for somebody else to use…your family, of your family, for your church, your friends, etc. Like a Lawn Service, or Beauty Salon Flyer listing the prices, Car Stereo Installation, Computer Repair. It just has to be FAKE business. Even if loosely can be the catalyst that helps that business get off the ground.




* All OBJECTS (text boxes, graphics, pictures, clipart, etc.) must be set to Square Objects.  - Set the Advanced Properties by turning on the "Lock Anchor" and turn OFF "Move object with text".