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Photoshop is a lot like get out what you put into it. This is part of the reason I have let you find a tutorial of your choice to experiment and grow with Photoshop. You have a requirement to be creating deviations and putting in your online gallery. Each person is a different level with Photoshop, but all of you have access to the same resources. Photoshop is a big part of your time in the class because it represents all that I am trying to get you to accomplish:

  1. Think creatively

  2. Control the computer effectively and efficiently

  3. Master the 2nd half of photography - only half of the work is in the camera...the other half is in the post processing and printing. This was true for Ansel Adams and the Wet Darkroom, it's true for Andre Woodard in the Digital Darkroom.

  4. Produce competitive pieces of work - You have several other contests with DCI requirements.

In addition, when you learn something like Photoshop, the process of learning to read over and follow tutorials transfers to other areas of Adobe as well as any program on the computer.


So, embrace your technological and creative inner self, and get busy creating some ART!


Photoshop Intro

Photoshop Tutorials:


Specific Tasks to Master in Photoshop:



Photoshop Actions - Numerous actions are already available on the Public server ready for install. Actions and plugins can also be downloaded and installed for your use.

Blending Modes explained -




Do you have Photoshop at home and REALLY want to get serious with your creative design and unleash all the potential of Photoshop?

Be sure to learn the keyboard commands. There is a reason I require you to learn these


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