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Index of Secrets

Section One: Buying a Digital Camera,

and Other Equipment Requirements

Secret No. Page

1. Why in the World Do I Need a Digital Camera? 2-4

2. MegapixelsóThe Key Word in Digital Cameras 5-7

3. The Lens Is a Critical Part of a Digital Camera 8-10

4. Memory CardsóThe 'Film' of Digital Cameras 11-13

5. Pay Attention to Your Digital Camera's Batteries 14-15

6. Use Your Digital Camera for More Than Taking Photos 16-17

7. More Things to Consider When Buying a Camera 18-19

8. You'll Need a Printer to Share Those Masterpieces 20-22

9. Resolution, Inks and Other Considerations 23-24

10. Selecting a Scanner for Your Prints and Negatives 25-27

11. Getting a Grip on Scanners' Color Depth 28-29

12. Can Your Computer Handle Digital Photography? 30-33

13. For Photo Storage, Look to CDs and DVDs 34-35


Section Two: Creating Masterpieces

With Your Digital Camera

Secret No. Page

14. Getting Started With Your Digital Camera 37-38

15. When Automatic Just Won't Do, Use the Modes 39-40

16. Getting the Most Out of Your Memory Cards 41-43

17. Getting Familiar With Image Quality 44-45

18. Pictures Blurred? Here Are Some Things to Look At 46-47

19. Divide and Conquer Will Get You Professional Results 48-49

20. Getting Up Close and Personal With Your Subject 50-51

21. Camera's Self-Timer Makes Sure You're Not Left Out 52-53

22. Do Aperture and Shutter Make You Shudder? 54-56

23. When E-Mailing Photos, Always Think Small 57-59

24. Avoid the E-Mail HassleóPost Your Pictures Online 60-61

25. Organize Photos So You'll Be Able to Find Them 62-65

26. Clearing Up the Scanner Resolution Muddle 66-68

27. Explore the Tools in Your Scanner's Software 69-70

28. Scanning Your Slides and Negatives 71-72

29. Protecting Your Work Through Copyrights 73-75

30. Getting Familiar With Photo Printers 76-77

31. Calibrate Your Monitor for Best Performance 78-80

32. You Can Sell Photos, but Don't Expect to Get Rich 81-83

33. Keep Your Camera Handy for Family Photos 84-87

34. Improving Your Life Through Digital Photography 88-90

35. Put on a Television Show With Your Photographs 91-93

36. Run a Slide Show in Your Computer's Screen Saver 94-95


Section Three: Using Software to

Correct Digital Photo Problems

Secret No. Page

37. Do Your Subjects Look Like Devils? Get Rid of Red Eye 97-99

38. Whiten Teeth and Clear Skin, but Not Too Much 100-102

39. Use the Cropping Tool to Clean Up a Photo 103-104

40. Monochrome and Sepia Give You an Artsy Look 105-106

41. Create Things That Never Happened With Lasso 107-108

42. Editing Software Makes a Photomontage Easy 109

43. Filters Can Give Your Photos an Unusual Look 110

44. Soften Your Look by Creating a Vignette 111-112

45. Add Digital Photographs for Better Sales on eBay 113-114

46. Make an Old Family Photograph Shine Again 115

47. A Well-Placed Watermark Can Protect Your Work 116-117

48. Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Color Balance 118-119

49. Sharpening Tricks Add Focus to Digital Photographs 120-121

50. Clean Up the Background for an Uncluttered Photo 122


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