Print Display Project (PDP) - Photo Printer Details

Do NOT print to the Kodak Maker:

(See further down for the stores and type of printer you can print to.)


LOGIX, INC - Kodak Picture Maker 24                             


Your prints will NOT be accepted…and you will have to get new prints made.

Your prints MUST be printed on photosensitive paper.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but the Kodak Print Maker is NOT a real photo processor. It does not use silver based paper and does not use chemicals for processing.

This machine is intended  for customers who are willing to pay a premium for instant prints via self-service, even if in the middle of the night (assuming the store doesn't turn it off).

But this machine does not offer the quality of the photo processors behind the counter and must not be used.


This also means NO INKJET and NO LASER PRINTS from home printers!


Please note that Walgreen's has the latest lab hours of any of the local labs, claiming to be able to make prints to their high-end photo printer (see below) even in the middle of the night, assuming there is somebody who is able to operate the machine. And per a manager at the Dowlen/Folsom location, even the manager will go over to the printer and make a print.


So, there is no excuse to not have your prints completed ON TIME. Go to Walgreen's online photo center and create your account NOW.


 The machine to use should be a Fuji Frontier

exactly like or similar to the one pictured below.


 Wal-mart, Sam's, and Walgreen's use this exact Fuji Frontier System and all offer an online photo center that prints directly to the Fuji machine for one hour pickup. The CVS Online Photo, as well as HEB, now offer direct printing with local pick up. When you order over the internet, you are definitely printing on the CORRECT machine. The confusion is when you print while in the store. Be sure to ask for help. Look for the machine pictured below. Some CVSs (those that were once Eckerd's) also use the Fuji Frontier System.  Some of the older CVSs are using NON-Fuji machines, but they ARE photo printers. The newer CVSs use a Kodak Kiosk that is SIMILAR to the Kodak Print Maker...except that it interfaces with the large photo processing machine behind the counter.



Bottom line, however or wherever your submit your prints, particularly with CVS, just make sure your prints are being printed on the “machine behind the counter”.


The Kodak name appearing on the back is not the problem. Indeed, the Kodak Print Maker uses Kodak paper, but it is the type of paper that the Print Maker is using that is the problem. It is similar to an inkjet. It is coating the paper with layers of a transparency, sort of like wax. The photo lab may be using Kodak paper in the REAL photo processor, which is ok, as long as it is a real photo…i.e. digital files converted to light to expose your photo providing a continuous tone image. The key is to have a "continuous tone" image.


Also, most home printers, including inkjets, have paper which will not mount correctly. The print must be of the correct type to be mounted here in class.


The machine pictured below is a Self Service Kiosk (left) that interfaces the large photo processor (right). The above retailers also have online photo centers allowing you to print directly to these machines. You can also submit your media (CD, memory stick, Compact Flash, Secure Data or other memory device) directly to the lab assistant if the kiosk is busy or out of order.


Fuji Frontier Kiosk                                                   Fuji Frontier Mini Lab



AVOID WAL-MART - BUT, if you are going to go, make sure you go to the best (and cheapest) machine possible:

Note: The Kiosk CAN look different...just be sure that you are printing to the one hour minilab BEHIND the counter...not an overnight mailorder kiosk nor the instant print maker.

Picture from Walmart (below)...the CORRECT machine changes from time to time. IF IN DOUBT ASK!!!!

Current view of the Walmart Lab:



Other possible Fuji Film Kiosks (there may be more...look for the FujiFilm logo...and ask if it is going to be printed in 1 hour):