Photogram Review

Highlighted questions need to be known for a quiz...answer first, then go back and complet the others after the lab is over.


Write out the Questions [except for the stuff in brackets] and Answers on your own sheet of paper.


 - You should try to answer the questions on your own BEFORE looking at the answers.

  1. List all chemical names, times and the order of the chemicals. [Use your enlarger/paper processing sheet for the answer. There are a total of 4 bath types for a total of 5 trays:

    a. ____________ b. ____________ c. ____________ d. _______________ (there are two baths of 'd'. ]

  2. Omit Know the KEY parts of the enlarger and what they do! [With the obselnce of Film Printing for Photo 1 students, it is not necessary to learn the enarlger parts]

  3. What color is the Safelight (in our can vary)?

  4. What does the height of the enlarger control? [Technically, this is a question that applies to when you start printing pictures. But, even for the the Photogram, what happens when you raise the enlarger up? (state the obvious)]

  5. What does the aperture adjusting ring on the enlarger lens do? [This is the thing you rotated under the enlarger.]

  6. What does the timer control?

  7. Increasing exposure is done ___________ . [You aren't going to necessarily KNOW this answer from what has been said in class. Think about it. If the print turns dark when exposed to light, i.e. the exposure, what will happen if you expose it to MORE light.]

  8. Decreasing exposure is done ___________ . [Same as a above...except LESS light?]

  9. Improperly agitated prints develop ___________ .

  10. When you place objects on the paper, you are making a ___________ .

  11. Improperly washed prints turn ___________ .

  12.  The primary cause of paper fogging is ___________ . [You might need to look it up...on the vocab sheet...which you need to know for 22 anyway.]

  13. The advantage of RC paper is___________ .

  14. Why should your hands be dry in the darkroom?

  15. Too little exposure on the print results in ___________ . [Similar answer as 8.]

  16. Too much exposure on the print results in___________ . [Similar answer as 7.]

  17. RC stands for___________ .

  18. Photographic supplies are purchased ___________ .

  19. Transparent means…

  20. Translucent means…

  21. Opaque means…

  22. What is fogging (of your paper)? [See your vocabulary sheet.]

  23. When can wet items be placed at the enlarger station? [Here is the answer for this... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!! Not even DAMP!]

  24. What will happen if you use a translucent object that is red? [See a comment on today's focus.]




Diagram Labeled


Here are the Photogram Review Answers.  But always try to get your answers on your own. Don't cheat yourself... "To Thine Own Self be True".