Lokerís Easy Steps for a Nearly Perfect Password...or at least a STRONG yet EASY one
  1. Choose a phrase that you will definitely remember no matter what.
  2. Take out the vowels. Ex: secretelyarainbowunicorn = scrtlyrnbwncrn    Donít worry, you will learn to type it quick, and you will never forget it. The longer the better. You might want to practice typing it first to pick a string of words that is easy to type.
  3. Identify the site you are needing a password for by a two digit code. Db = dropbox, Eb = Ebay, Az = Amazon, Ap = Apple, with the first letter being a capital. Get it? You have to do this because if a site is compromised, no matter how strong your password is, they can get it, then they can get into your other accounts. If you want to change this strategy, you could use the first two letters, or the first and last letters. So, Amazon could be: Az, Am or An, just pick a strategy and stick with it for all of your accounts.
  4. Put a number either at the beginning, or at the end. A number is required by many sites. And, if your site requires it to be changed every month, you can increase the number 1, 2, 3, etc. for each month.
  5. Put a $ - at the end....some sites will not let you use a special
  6. Ex: scrtlyrnbwncrnAp1$ = STRONG password NO bott is going to resolve easily.

Full Details (if you need more info than the above):
Each year, it seems I am challenged by students questioning the need to do a good job managing passwords. Well, the fact of the matter is that by the time you're 18, you are going to have a few accounts. By the time your are 28, that list of accounts is going to be rather unmanageable. I can only hope that things are easy in the next 10 years, than they have been in the past 10 years of companies moving from paper to e-delivery, etc. Please keep in mind that I have been actively involved with online computer accounts and resources since the late 80ís, so I have just a little experience in this department. ;-)

For the last 10 years, I have maintained a spreadsheet to track my passwords. The problem is, I was having to FREQUENTLY log into the spreadsheet to determine what a password was. Not only was that time consuming, it was difficult to maintain because of an evolving industry. Companies forcing changes, changing usernames to email. Or requiring stricter passwords, or routine scheduled changes. So, unless I was diligent in managing my password spreadsheet, it wasnít very helpful. I racked my brain trying to develop a sure fire way to manage a password. I want to use the same password for every site.

If not already, in the near future, you will have online accounts with the following:

The point is, you need a way keep up with your passwords. The problem is that many sites have special rules.

Suggestions? I am all ears!!! Let me know and I will update this page...and give you credit!!

Log your passwords in a Google Drive Sheet but do NOT put your full password...only hints to your password.

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