It is very important that you understand why I can not write a pass for you to be late to another class...or come in from another class. Below is a letter I received on 4/13/06 at 2:24pm from a fellow teacher here on campus. It doesn't matter who wrote it...just that they are correct. Each year we are told not to write passes for students to enter another teachers class. It is rude on my part. However, we are also expected to teach from bell to bell, per our administrators, which makes getting you out of here perfectly on time every day difficult at best. Nevertheless, we must do our best to get you to class on time.


The official policy is that you are not to be late to another class. I can write you a pass, but it will be marked UNEXCUSED. Having said this, not all teachers will be so it will be up to to determine if a teacher will accept such a pass and/or let you out of their class to work extra time here in this facility. As a general rule, I do NOT like you to run late to my class either, although I would not confront the teacher as I was confronted.



Mr. Loker,
I have had several students during the time that you have been a teacher at West Brook to come to my class late from you.
You have a special printed pass that you give to the student so they can give to their next period teacher when they arrive late.
Every year we as a faculty are told not to write passes for students if they leave our class late, our fault or theirs.  Also, not to write passes to get students out of another teacher's class to come to our own class..
I thought only the people in the front office or counselors' office have the right to write passes during the day for students to arrive late or leave a class early.
I was wondering do you have special permission to have the passes that you hand out to your students.
And if you do, when were we told about this fact so we would know that we have to accept these passes.
Thank you,