Welcome to Communication Graphics!

- This page is JUST for students joining the class late...or for a review of the first couple of weeks. :)


Since you are joining the class a bit late, I would like to address a few things to help catch you up as best possible. I haven’t gone TOO fast, but you have missed a few important details each day. Please don’t panic…but you will need to work on getting caught up as quickly as possible.


First, some good news…nearly everything we do in class is on the Internet. Simply browse to drewloker.com and go to the school website (not the backup). The actual URL is: staff.beaumont.k12.tx.us/gloker or westbrookphoto.org Please review the website for many resources…and even videos and PowerPoint presentations of lessons that you may have missed. In addition, actual examples are on the Internet of items that were showing in class, etc. If you are unable to access the Internet from home, please plan to work in the main computer lab in the F Hall either before or after school. See Tutorial Schedule on the Announcement page.


Next, I want to direct your attention to the handout you have received.


The front page is a summary and should actually be viewed online so you can click the links.


Student Data: Please have your parents initial at the top right corner to verify the data you fill out.


Permission to use Equipment and agreement to follow Class Procedures: Please read this very carefully. You are signing that you have read and will follow the class procedures. We spent about one full day going over these details...so be sure to read this as you will be held accountable. You and your parents will need to sign this form to use the school cameras during class...or in the event that you check out any accessories outside of class.


Supply List: There are a few supplies that are needed right away, such as the plastic protector sheets. You will need a camera, or access to a camera, by the 2nd grade period. The school does have cameras available for check out if you are able to stay after school to pick up the camera, and get to school by 6:45 to return the camera.


Locker: Remind me to get find you a locker partner. We will try to find you a friend who does not already have a partner. If you would prefer, I have a few lockers that are not assigned…but they are at the bottom.


Intro Survey: This will help me know a little about you. Some of the questions are trying to get you thinking about what you interested in...as well as the importance what this class covers. During class, I drew conclusions to what we do in this class, and what most students are interested in. I tried to illustrate that regardless of what people are interested in, that this class is critical for just about any career because of the importance of graphic design and the ability to visually compose and therefore affecting everybody from CEOs to secretaries, from doctors to nurses. So regardless of whether somebody is interested in photography or graphic arts as a career, this class has something to offer everybody. However, it was discussed that you should have at least some interest in photography and/or computers to enjoy the class.


Autobiography Outline: Complete the outline to help generate a rough draft that will be entered into the computer as one of your first computer assignments. I will be taking your picture for you to insert into your Autobiography. To help catch you up, try to type this up at home…or in the main computer lab and bring in on a thumb drive. You can also email the text to yourself.


Magazine Assignment: Please read carefully as we went over this in class. Fortunately, we will do this as a class the first time…so if you haven’t missed it…you should be ok. If you missed the class group work, then be sure to read the details very carefully for this assignment…and get with a peer for assistance.



And a few other details:


Peer Assistance: We rely heavily on peer assistance as a way of reinforcing what one has learned. I find that people remember what that help teach. And since there is one of me and many of you…it is imperative that all students work together so that everybody reaches the class objectives. Please exchange phone numbers with those around you so you can talk to them outside of school about things you may have missed, or to hook up for shooting pictures together.


Focus: It is critical that you get your focus completed for the missing days. The third Friday marks the day we need to generate progress reports…and I will need all of the missing focus completed and turned in by that Friday. Each day we start class with a Focus. The first 6 days of school we completed the Focus, # 1-9, hand written on paper. Starting with #10, we used the computer. You may use the computer for all of the Focus. Be sure to work with a peer to establish the correct format such as the date between each day and the automatic numbering. For those that are questions, be sure to write/type out the question…and then answer. Please underline your answer. For those that are just statements, just type out the statement. Please bold any keywords.


Summary of the first few Focus questions: Please definitely answer the questions on your own. There are no right or wrong questions but there is a theme behind the first few questions an introduction to Communication Graphics/Photography. The first question is asking how imagery has affected you, and then you are asked how imagery has affected us as a people…a nation. And finally, how have you been shaped by the imagery around you? The idea is that we are surrounded by imagery. Imagery is both printed and audio. This includes: photographs, video, radio, TV, magazines, CD covers, billboards, art work, and every thing that is anything around you. Anything that has shape and form has an impact on you. The media around us shapes us as a nation. Specifically, the media causes us to be negative or positive about certain issues…which in then in turn cause us to take action or not take action (which could be just as bad). As a group, if we are motivated to take action (or not due anything), we put pressure on others around us to be or think like us, like the politicians that then make public policy according to our wishes. We looked at samples in class such as graphic images from the war and how they affect our opinions and how that public opinion shapes government policy. Finally, we discussed how the things that surround us impact us. If we surround ourselves with positive imagery, then we tend to be positive people…and the reverse is also true. So, in conclusion, the lesson learned is that we are all impacted by the designs around us…and to learn the power of composition and design is a critical skill for all careers.


Other topics addressed include:


Life Happens: We remember what we photograph. Our lives are passing by each day. Our life is defined by Episodes. And for each Episode…there is a single moment that would best define that period of life. Photography is the capture of all these little slices of life. Life is good…and there are many greats things around our lives. It is important to remember the good slices of life. This is why it is so important to have a camera with you at all times…to document the episodes of your life. See a presentation shown to the class: http://www.msnbc.com/modules/yip05/dw.asp?nStartOn=1 Choose the "Reader's Choice" Sorry...the link is now dead. Ask me about where to find a copy on our local server.


What makes a good photo a good photo? There are many things…such as: does it tell a story, is it technically accurate, is the lighting effective, etc. We will learn composition…and what makes a good photo. The Magazine Assignment will specifically help us look at what is good photography.


Shift Happens: A 6 min video was watched to help illustrate the importance of being adequately prepared for the technological changes that are upon us. See the notes and a link to presentation here.


Career Investigation: We spent one class working on profile questions to help determine possible careers.


Computer Introduction: It is easy to get behind on the computer...especially if you are new to computers. Each day, you connect to the teacher via SynchronEyes. The first time you connect at a given computer, please follow Computer Tips to set up your computer and get up to speed on some instruction regarding computer operation.