Name Game "Who Am I" - Musical Chairs


Because of the unique nature of this class with all 4 class levels represented (9th-12th), many of you may not know each other.


Also, one of the themes of this class is that we are defined by the imagery around us. Or, IOW, the things we surround ourselves with. So, lets look at some of the more obvious things the define us and start out with a little name game.


1. Please partner up of your choice and split up as indicated

a. Initially, get with a partner of your choice. Try to split evenly between the two sides of the room.

b. Make two columns of chairs so that the chairs are directly across from each other, spread out a little bit.

c. make two columns of 5 chairs, directly across from each other.

d. When the time expires. The outward column will stay put. The inner column will shift to the left.

e. We will keep rotating until everybody has met everybody. It may be necessary


2. Then, interview your partner asking the following questions:

a. Name

b. Where they were born

c. Favorite song

d. Favorite activity in recent years (like this past summer)

e. Career aspirations


On your paper, put a column heading:

          Name                   Born                Fav Song                     Fav Sum Act               Career



3. Pay attention (take notes on the back of one of your focus sheets) because I don't want you to be strangers with each all need to help each other. We work as a team.

4. After a one minute (30 seconds each person) to complete #2, we will rotate partners.

5. Then, if time permits, we are going to mix it up and split into groups to get to know one another by:

    a. Grade level (not going to do this one)

    b. Birthday (by quarters): who has the closest birthday. (Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec ...who is born on...)

    b. Favorite color: Blue, Red, Green, Other

    c. City of birth (right is Beaumont, Left is other)

    d. Favorite animal (cat or dog)

    e. Favorite type of movie: drama, comedy, action motion, horror (favorite movie)

    * When you are in your small groups, talk to one another and ask each other question




Run as individual activity. With a row of chairs facing eaching other. Try to even up the sides, or their will be a rotation where one side does not move.

After grouping in pairs of the students choice, number 1-# where # is half the class, then start back over with one when you reach the halfway point. This is so you get groups of two that will be a little more mixed up than before. (Alternative in the larger classes...just have them interview the person next to them.)

Also, after the interview portion, have the students return to their assigned seat.

Have a list of their names ready to go with the heading for each question above.