Mid Term Review Sheet - Answer on your own paper

Note: This review is offered as a guide, but is NOT comprehensive...which means it is approximate. Any question that appears on a Focus or previous 6 weeks quiz is fair game. The following may also include questions that were NOT discussed in all or any class, so be sure to go over ALL of these questions, as well as your 6 weeks quizzes.

Do NOT print this document here at school. I have older copies available if you want a paper copy, however, this is ONLINE version is the MOST current review sheet and it is frequently revised, so it is best to access this online right up to Test Day.

1.        What is the keyboard command used to: Create a new document? Open a document? Save a file?  Change font size by default sizes?  Select All? Undo? Cut? Copy? Paste? Create  Bookmark/Favorite? Duplicate?

2.        What is the keyboard command in Photoshop to:  Save As? Change Tool Size? Zoom In and Out? Deselect?

3.        What is the difference between a keyboard COMMAND and a keyboard SEQUENCE?

4.        What keyboard command quits a program and/or logs you off the computer?

5.        What key gets you out of a dialog box WITH OUT executing the dialog box? [IOW, how do you terminate the dialog, not accept.]

6.        On the camera, what might mess up the exposure meter?

7.        What is the purpose of composition in terms of a taking a photograph?

8.        What are the types of composition we have talked about so far?

9.        What three times can a photo be “composed”? (Hint: the 3 Cs.)

10.     What is an advantage of a digital camera? What is a disadvantage MANY digital cameras?

11.     Why is photography considered an universal language?

12.     What is the Greek origin of the word “photography”?

13.     What are the two most common errors of point and shoot cameras?

14.     How can you change the perspective with OUT using a zoom lens?

15.     What command will reverse your last action on a computer?

16.     On a computer, what is the purpose of a modifier key?

17.     What key on a Microsoft Windows based PC equivalent to the Macintosh Command Key?

18.     Why are “bottle necks” significant when dealing with technology?

19.     What is the purpose of copying your files to a different location so that your files exist in two locations? (ie. L vs C drive)

20.     What is the risk of having your files in two locations?

21.     Why is it necessary to name your files with specific and relevant file names?

22.     What does URL (or Uniform Resource Locator) refer to and allow you to do?

23.     What is a shortcut to keep in mind when entering a URL?

24.     HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, refers to what?

25.     What is a Link, in reference to the internet?

26.     When you click on a link, sometimes it opens in the same window…other times, it opens in it’s own window. How do you force a new window?

27.     What is a Bookmark, in reference to a document on the World-Wide Web?

28.     What is Contrast in reference to a picture?

29.     What program was used to design the posters?

30.     What is the purpose of a rough draft?

31.     What step must be done before going to print?

32.     What specific criteria creates a “specific center of interest”.

33.     From the film on composition, what suggestion was made regarding capturing expressions.

34.     What is an easy way to get to the “Format” dialog box (i.e. line color, object properties, etc.)?

35.     Why do you want to set the margins to 0.25” on all 4 sides when doing a poster?

36.     What is clip art and how is it useful?

37.     What key moves you through fields in a database, the internet or a dialog box?

38.     Why do you want to shoot a variety of pictures of the same subject?

39.     In reference to settings on the camera, what two settings should you check before shooting?

40.     Why must ALL text must be in a Text Box when doing a layout like a poster? Since we used Photoshop, consider why is important that DIFFERENT levels of text go on different layers?

41.     How do you do a  pixel nudge (in MSWord)?

42.     What are two different strategies you can do to make more text fit on one page, such as this page?


In addition, there may be words from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 6 weeks Vocabulary (those that appeared on the focus and/or test) on the actual Mid-Term test as well as additional keyboard shortcuts from Photoshop.




3rd 6 Weeks Quiz that will be directly incorporated to the Midterm


3rd 6 Weeks - Vocabulary and Keyboard Shortcuts


Matching pt 1, Terminology

Directions: Match the best answer with the correct term. NOTE: There are more answers than questions. (THERE IS NO 'd' no 'i'.)

____ 1.    Composition           a. result of not permitting film or paper to remain in the chemical long enough

____ 2.    Double exposure     b. a printed image in which shades of gray are represented with a regularly spaced array of different sizes of black dots

____ 3.    Front lighting          c. moving the camera so that the image of a moving object remains in the same relative position in viewfinder as the picture is taken

____ 4.    Panning                   e. print made from a smaller negative through a projection process

____ 5.    Background             f. eliminate unwanted portion to improve composition of photograph

____ 6.    Perspective              g. amount by which an image may be over or under exposed without much loss of image quality

____ 7.    Crop                         h. arrangement of the subject matter in a photograph

____ 8.    Halation                    j. fog or halo around brilliantly lighted objects

____ 9.     Dry mounting          k. relative size and alignment of objects

____ 10.  Latitude                   l. part of a scene that appears behind the principal subject

____ 11.  Halftone                  m. two exposures on the same negative

____ 12.  Under developed     n. light shining on the subject from the direction of the camera

                                                o. finishing photographs by means of adhesive tissue, pressure, and/or heat


Matching pt 2, Keyboard Shortcuts

Directions: Match the right side to the left side, placing the keyboard shortcut from the right side as the answer for the left side. Note: There are more answers than there are questions.


     13. New            _________                                                Ctrl + D                Ctrl + Shift + S

14. Save           _________                                                 Ctrl + C                Ctrl + E

15. Quit            _________                                                 Alt + F4               Ctrl + W

16. Close          _________                                                Ctrl + Z                 Ctrl + 0

17. Save As       _________                                               Alt, F, W, V           [  or  ]

18. Change Font Size _________                                       Ctrl + S

19. Copy                   _________                                       Ctrl + X

20. Paste            _________                                                Ctrl + U

21. Fit to 100%    _________                                              Alt, p, m

22. Tool Size     _________                                                 Ctrl + V

23. Cut              _________                                                 Ctrl + N

24. Undo                   _________                                        Ctrl + Bracket

25. Deselect or Duplicate    _________                                Ctrl + Shift , or .









Insert the date (MS Office)? Go to Print Preview (MS Office)? Change Page Set up (MS Office)? Insert a file (MS Office)? Change font size 1 pt (MS Office)? Repeat last (MS Office)?