3rd and 4th Year

Assignment:   Develop as a Photographer, Artist, Imagist

Goals:             Develop Resources, Develop Portfolio

Tools:             Contest, Internet, Videos


Hello Photo III & IV!


Time is so short. We are always so busy just getting by...so little time to get ahead. As an artist, there are so many things I want to work on. My message to you is to stay focused, stay busy. Be an asset to the class.


This is only the 6th official year to offer a 3rd/4th year class (since 1992). And there have only been seventeen (17) 3rd year students prior to you and 2 ever 4th year students. Point is, expect changes as I always work to develop new curriculum. If there was ONE of you, it would be a little easier to let you work on your own. But, with several of you, all spread out among the classes, there will more specific guidelines and requirements. Please look over the following specifics in particular, like the alternative to the Publishing Project and the CEs. With more of you all, I will be expecting this from all of you this year.


Some additional things I would like you to work on. As a group, Photo 3+ does NOT have as much work to do as Photo 2 AND, you have already done some of the work so that the work you have had to do is easier. So, you are expected to not only do most of what Photo 2 does, but a few other tasks each 6 weeks.