Mapping the “Public” and the Data Storage Drives

·    “Start Key ˙ + R” (or, simply “Run” in the start menu)




·    Type the following:

o \\\        Don't use \\wbphoto  (pictured in screen shots below) does not work...use the numerical address.






·    Map the drive (this will allow it to reconnect at each login).

o Right click on the Public Folder (at the main level of \\…then select “Map Network Drive”.









o Change the Drive to the letter “K” for the Public Photography folder




o Click finish


You will need to do this (map the network drive) anytime you move to a new computer. Also see: Computer Tips when you log into a new computer for the first time.


Note: You do NOT need to MAP your drive to access it temporarily from another computer. Mapping is only a convenience AND to allow programs to access a network drive from with in an Open and/or Save dialog box. If you do NOT map the drive, you will simply have to open your files by 2x clicking...or right click and "Open With..."


If you were absent when we talked about Storage Drives, see storage and memory size.


Warning: Do NOT delete your work from the L drive until you CONFIRM 100% that the work is on your local computer. There is NO recycle Bin for the "L" drive. In fact, there is usually is NEVER a Recycle Bin for a network drive. Generally, when you through stuff away on a Network drive, it is immediately removed from the computer as well as any traces of that file.


***See Map for instructions on how to Map the drive to your login to be reconnected at your next login.


Then shift + drag (it will MOVE...not just copy) all documents from the local "C:\My Documents" folder. Then shift + drag all CG related documents from your "L:/" to your new P Drive folder.