6th GP Magazine $UBSCRIPTION Alternative Assignment (M$AA):

Objective: Subscribe to a photo magazine to replace 3 different assignments for 900 points (automatic 100s).  The reason for this alternative assignment is to eliminate a lot of the homework in the 6th 6 weeks and to avoid rushing photos during the last week of school. The bottom line is that after the show is over (EOYC), it is counterproductive to turn in more prints, etc. This also serves to boost year end averages. With 100s for these grades, averages are generally pretty good for this 6 weeks. We still have work to do, but this effectively takes care of the homework for the 6th GP.

Please consider this as a Continuing Education. Many licenses, like nurses, real-estate agents, financial brokers, have have a CE requirement. They pay $$ and study some material, maybe even take a test, to keep their license active. So, instead of testing, and taking more pictures, I am assuming that you will be LEARN more from this magazine subscription than you will from taking 1 more test, printing 2 more pictures, etc.

With your $8 subscription (currently discounted even more to $5 for one of the magazines)...you will automatically receive 100s for the following 6th Grade Period work:

  1. Magazine Selection Assignment (MSA) (automatic 100)
  2. Vocab Quiz (automatic 100)
  3. Print Display Project. (automatic 700 points = 300 for the PDP Web Galleries + 400 for the final 8x10s) IOW, no shooting 12 pictures of the same subject by 2nd week of the 6 weeks from the topic list, no uploading by the deadline, no printing 8x10s.

EVERYBODY is eligible for this alternative assignment. The ONLY stipulation is that you actually WANT the magazine. If you do not intend to READ the magazine, then go shoot your project and do the other work!  AGAIN: Do NOT do this if you are not going to read the magazine. The point of this is to help you learn more about photography. Just do the work if receiving the magazine is NOT of interest to you, really. HOWEVER, a PRUDENT student would realize that the cost of the prints and time of getting to and from the store, etc. makes the $8 for the subscription a no brainer. Make it a point of reading the magazine and learning from other photographers, etc. If you plan on taking a 2nd year of photography, the magazine will be a valuable source of ideas and tips.


Submit Magazine Subscription <--- Click THAT link to the left...you will need a credit card or PayPal to complete the order with DiscountMags (do not go directly to DM...use MY link...it has a SIGNIFICANT discount applied just for West Brook Photography).


- Forward me the confirmation email so I can record the grades for the purchase.


Magazine choices are:


Digital Photo

You subscription will start some time during August or September. It takes so long because this is a Discount Mag service...and they turn in the the orders to the actual company...and subscriptions take 2 months to start minimum. Since this is a large group order, it goes to a different department which adds extra time. But, no worries, you will get your full year.  If you will have a different address after school is out, please turn that address in to me with your money. Note: These are negotiated rates, so you are actually getting a better value going through me than if you just ordered these on your own.

If you are ALREADY subscribed to one of the above, bring in a magazine with the label with your name on it...not your cousins, or your aunts, etc. and your current subscription, if renewed, will help exempt you from the above assignments. If it is due to expire, choose a different magazine, or the same one so it will continue.


Comm II+

In place of the entire Focus 6 (completing the modules) AND your CE6:








Start bringing in your money . No checks AFTER SPRING BREAK, per the book keeper.

AFTER you have put at least a partial amount toward the M$AA, please send me your address via this Google form:

Submit Magazine Subscription - do NOT use this link. It is no longer in use.

American Photo (6 issues), less "how to", more about the art of photography - PARENT PERMISSION REQUIRED...regardless of your age, please, as this magazine can have some rather risqué pictures. Please ask your parents and get an ok, in writing. :) This magazine is a normal magazine on display at Kroger...but just to be on the safe side. See below for a screen shot of an online description.


American Photo Mature Content Warning and Permission Slip   (http://staff.beaumont.k12.tx.us/gloker/magazinesub.htm)




Your student has chosen to receive an American Photo Magazine Subscription which is regularly on display at the grocery store. It is available for anybody to buy of any age. However, the magazine is fashion/art and can frequently have numerous graphic images, from nudity to violence. Because of this, I don’t leave any AP magazines lying around unless I have looked through the magazine first.


If it is ok for the student to receive this magazine, please sign below and return. If you prefer, there are two other magazine choices: Popular Photography and Outdoor Photography. All three magazines are great, I just wanted to make sure that if the American Photo Magazine is chosen, you were properly informed that it could have some questionable material.


D. Loker




Mr. Loker,


I give my permission to my student to receive American Photo. I realize that it may have mature content published in the magazine.


x______________________                                          ______________________

        Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                Student Name