Mac Computer Checkout



If you found this page from a link on my site (other than the index), please let me know so I can delete it. Sorry...most had gotten too old to even bother carrying home a CRT.

Please try to find an expensive, older generation laptop for next to nothing on SETx Classifieds. Since laptops dropped in price to $300 a few years ago, older laptops that are just a few years are still VERY practical and viable for most tasks these days. IOW, a laptop from 3 years ago that is slightly outdate might be found for $50, but still be perfect for internet and light duty work.





I have about 20 various Apple Macintosh Computers available for home check out until May.  The 2nd year students will get first pick. After that, they will be awarded based on the number of those who need/want a computer. If you are interested, please put your name on a piece of paper and turn into me for a drawing in case I have more than 20 students interested in a computer.


Requirements: Be in good standing in the class (keeping up with class work), no school debts, and have a smoke free home (seriously). Also, be somewhat computer you will be working with a completely new operating system. It is not THAT different from Windoze...but different still and you will need to be able to figure some things out on your own.


1. 2.   3.


1. iMac G3 - Quantity 14. OS 9, MSWord, Photoshop Elements 2

2. iMac DV G3 - Quantity 2 (but one is out of order for the time being) - OS10, Firewire and and iMovie for movie production. MSWord, Photoshop Elements 2

3. eMac G4 - Quanity 3 - OS10, Firewire and iMovie. Adobe CS3 - This is the state of the art program. It may run a little slow, but it will work.



These computers are NOT a gaming computer nor are they likely to  get on the Internet (see note below). This computer is intended for those who want to do word processing at home. All of the computers have some version of Photoshop that could be very useful for those willing to work getting this to work for them. #2 and #3 have a Firewire port for creating movies form a digicam. PLEASE do not bother checking this computer out if it is just going to go home and sit there.



Other notes:

* The Mac is very similar to the PC...but there are a few things you need to know.


* The computers we have available for check out are running an older system called OS9. The computers are still very capable to do basic word processing and even photo editing.


* The computers will NOT be able to work on the Internet unless you have a WIRED Ethernet hub for a connection. Ask your parents if you can run an Ethernet wire to your room. If they don't know what you are talking about, chances are you don't have one. You COULD purchase a wireless Ethernet access point to access a wireless hub (assuming you have one of those at home)...but it runs about $80 (at Best Buy)...and it would have only limited use when you need to turn the computer back in at the end of the year. You will NOT be able use the built-in modem to dial up, sorry. Dialup is possible on these Macs as they do have a built in modem, but it is VERY unlikely that you could get this up and running on the current system, which is OS9. If you INSIST on trying to use the MODEM for dial up will need to get the software FIRST (from what ever Internet company you would be using), so that I can install it here at school and make sure it is working before you take it home, etc. Basically, you would contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask, do you have connection software for a Mac running OS9?


* Files can be stored on the computer, but you will need to use a Thumb Drive of some sort to move files back and forth from school. When you save a file, you will have to save to the folder on the desktop or the Thumb Drive. That is the only place that you have read and write access to.


* Ejecting a Thumb Drive. Click on the icon on the desktop...and drag it to the trash can. Do NOT just remove the drive from the side of the computer. Mac does NOT like a memory stick to be just removed. On a PC, you CAN just pull it out...although even on a PC, you should use the "Safely Remove Hardware" option in the sys tray.

Screen shot of PC's Sys Tray:   


* Most of these computers (mainly #1) have only a small amount of ram. You may experience challenges if you try to open to many programs. The confusing part is that programs that are opened may disappear...but still remain open. If you close all of the windows of a program, and then click on the desktop, it will look like the program is gone...but if you click in the upper right corner, at what is called the Finder menu, you will see that the program is still open. Please switch to that program and quit.


* MS Word works great. Just remember though, you are going to need to get the file OFF the computer with a memory stick...and print it up here at school.


* Photoshop Elements 2.0 is installed and is a great program. It may not be the latest PS CS3...but PSE 2 has many great effects and has all the layer control that the full size versions have. Also, if you create a PSD, you can open the file with any version of Photoshop, such as here at school.


* Shut down the computer when not in use for extended periods of time. Go to the Special Menu, and click Shutdown.


* Reset Computer: If the computer crashes, you can force the computer to restart by using a paper clip and sticking it in the FORWARD hole. See pictures below:


Standard fruit colored G3 iMacs for most student check outs.


Special DV iMac for Comm II student check outs.