Entering prints and having them judged can be very rewarding...or very disappointing. Judging of prints is tough, there is no doubt. As a judge, there is a lot that goes behind picking the best picture out of a group of images. Part of the problem is that out own shooting style interferes with our ability. If we have a background in journalism, it may be hard for us to pick an artistic winner, or we may favor a beautiful landscape over an abstract simply because that is what we prefer to shoot.


Having said all this, as I have entered more than any other BCC member over the past 5 years at the Beaumont Camera Club, I am well aware of the disparity that exist with judging. So much so, I even created a special page for those Special images that received the distinction of received the LOWEST possible score. I call it Club 6: http://forum.bcc.drewloker.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=99


To consider the judging disparity, consider for example, it's a BAD day for photography...when a squirrel can beat an eagle...carrying a squirrel. Below is a picture I entered in a BCC Monthly Photo Contest. It only got 3rd place.



It lost to:

Not to diminish the image of just the squirrel it...it is just in terms of complexity, the squirrel picture are consider


Fortunately, I did get first place with this following image. I wish you could HEAR the sound the wheat...it was really quite incredible.



The point of all this is...NOT to complain...but to simply say that sometimes you win, sometimes you loose...it doesn't matter. If you like your image, then that is what counts. A judge may not recognize your image at all. Not 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even an honorable mention...but it can still be a great image.