Graphic Images with Impact

Assignment:   View images with impact

Goals:             To learn how photos can have an impact on us as people.

Tools:              Internet









Please do NOT proceed if you are easily offended!






Scroll down only if you WANT to. I'll show them in a little bit and will give you a chance to look away...but you don't have to look at them so closely on your screen as you are about to see if you scroll down.


































An image from the first Gulf War...








Are you too young to remember this??? Some of you were 1-4 years old or not even born.


Have we forgotten?





by Doretha Lange - Read how this photo of a starving mother of 7 resulted in 20,000 lbs of food being sent to a migrant camp.



Migrant Mother too old??? How about something current? (I shot the following in San Antonio in 2007...look closely...and you can see my wife sitting in the background.)


Yes, the woman in the picture is digging in the trash can...ate a tomato...and spit it back out. Guess it didn't taste very good. :(



I was in New Orleans last summer (2007). Still VERY dramatic in the heavily damaged areas.



I posted this website just before Ike. Shortly after going over this page in 2008, we were hit with Ike and had our own first hand experience of the media surrounding a devastated area. One thing for sure though, no matter how graphic the media, nothing is more dramatic than actually seeing the areas first hand as I did just 2 weeks after the storm.



Play Video Clip for Flags of our Fathers

The symbol for President Roosevelt's "7th Bond Drive."

After this image hit the streets, everyone in America would see this picture over and over. You couldn't avoid it. It hung in: 
***One million Retail Store windows.
***16,000 Movie Theaters.
***15,000 Banks.
***200,000 Factories.
***30,000 Railroad Stations.
***5,000 Large Billboards.

The 7th Bond Tour raised $24 Billion (1945 Dollars) for the US Treasury, more than any other bond tour. To put this into perspective, the total US Budget in 1946 was $56 Billion. This would be the largest borrowing from the American public in history. All because of a photo! And, it quite likely helped win the war! Video

Image changes war:

The guy on the left was from South Vietnam...and ally of the US. This picture turned the tide against the US.


How about something a little more positive?




Michael Phelps wins another gold.




How does the following grab you??



The gas prices above may seem unrealistic, but they were real...I'll tell you more about it in a moment. But more realistically, in the movie "Oil Storm", gas was predicted to hit $8 a gal. In that movie, which was filmed prior to Katrina hitting New Orleans, a Cat 4 hurricane hit the mouth of the Mississippi at Port Fourchon, Louisiana wiping out oil production. Port Fourchon is a vital hub of oil supply providing more than 15% of the 20 million barrels of oil consumed each day in America. Then, after a couple of other incidents, pretty much the entire US economy shuts down because of the price of gas.




So, how have you been affected by photography? video? graphic design?