Interpretative Shooting Scavenger Hunt



Choose from the following:

* Words in bold may be discussed in class if time permits.

1.   Distortion

2.   Delusion

3. Solitude  

4. Anachronism  

5.   Rhythm

6.   Part/s

7.   Contrast/s

8.   Humor

9.   Pattern

10. Juxtaposition

11.   Shape

12.   Emotion

13.   Abandon

14.   Balance/unbalance

15.   Captive

16.   Hope

17.   Despair

18.   Poetic

19.   Temptation

20.   Voice

21. Confusion

22. Mystery

23. Fibonacci - this is a math related picture


Don't know what a word means? Look it up. Concepts such as these are elements or impressions, moods/feelings that go beyond just looking at and seeing the obvious. This assignment is in part about...YOU learning to look beyond the obvious. Of course I could tell you what each word meant and a meaning, but that sort of hand holding will keep you from using your own brain and ideas to get creative. If I show you an example of EVERYTHING then I deprive you of the opportunity to come up with something on your own...and that's no fun. Enjoy...have some creative.


You will be making a collage like the one below.


My Sample:






Student Samples:


You should avoid looking at the student samples until AFTER the hunt to keep from spoiling the opportunity to be creative.




Hunt Conclusion