Health Notes



HEALTH NOTE: Use the Hand Sanitizer when you first come into the lab. Rub it around your finger tips and into your cuticles. Per your school nurse: " They need to be cautioned against overuse as it will dry out the skin possibly causing cracks that would actually harbor bacteria, but again, I feel it is certainly better than nothing." Bottom line...keep your hands to your self. Avoid touching public items, such as door handles, bathroom fixtures, sinks, dryers, and yes, this means community pens. That is part of the reason I want you to have your own pens, pencils...and yes...your own sharpie. SO that you don't have to use one that was just used by somebody who just wiped their eye boogers with their hand. ALWAYS PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE.


Per the Texas Department of State Health Services NEW Release, Oct. 17, 2007.: DSHS recommends the following guidelines to avoid infection: