HDR - High Dynamic Range


Things are certainly changing fast in the digital world. In 2010, we saw the FIRST ever IN camera setting to take 3 pictures to merge for HDR...and in a Cell Phone. At least with the iPhone, I have taken some AMAZING photos. In fact, HDR with the iPhone has proven to be at LEAST easier than shooting 3, 5 or 7 images with a DSLR and perhaps BETTER.


Prior to IN CAMERA apps, you would have to set your camera up on a tripod (for best results) and then fire off a series of shots as fast as you could (to limit the impact of any movement, like even from trees swaying).


This page is dedicated to some of the HDRs I have taken, trying to show the limitations of our cameras, especially in difficult scenes. However, truth be told, the limitation of current cell phonetography mandates the need for HDR apps.






Pro HDR - one of the first I bought. One nice thing is that this is one of the few that exist in the Android Playstore. So, if you have BOTH phones, you will have a similar interface to work with.



ProHDR on Auto.



PRO HDR on manual...lets you set the exposure points.



Initial picture with Built In Camera app...does an average of the sky and the shadows. Neither are great.



Built in app - select grass as focus and exposure point. Grass looks good, but the sky is GONE.




Built in app - select sky for focus and exposure...sky looks great...but shadows are GONE!


Built in app - Apple's in camera HDR setting turned on.



Pro HDR - Auto