Photo Greeting Card

Assignment:   Design and Produce a Greeting Card

Goals:             Produce a useful item to be given out in time for Valentines Day or some other upcoming special day.

Tools:             Adobe Photoshop


Lead in - When have you received a greeting card? Why are they so important? What has sort of replaced the written greeting card?



Getting Started


Greeting Card Printing



Greeting Card details


Getting Started:

Greeting Card Template Versions (there are 3...see below for a "picture menu" of the four you can choose from).


     STOP! Read the instruction highlight in Yellow before clicking on the link to go to the Template Folder = choose appropriate template. Open in Photoshop. Then, choose "Save As" when to your DROPBOX. Or, find the correct Template in the ClipArt More folder on \\

Note: Using a Template makes designing a card VERY easy. Make your card(s) abundant with great details.  If you finish your first card, you can do a second card. Extra cards are only 25 have some fun with this...and make some picture greeting cards for your friends. I also have envelopes for 10 in a variety of colors.




Greeting Card Printing:

Once I give you the "Clear for Printing"...make sure your paper is loaded correctly...tell me if you want special color paper. If it prints incorrectly, with typos, or to the wrong paper, you will need to pay a 25...if you want to reprint. Present your card to me for grading after you fold it . If you want an envelope, they are 10. You may make additional cards for only 25 each. Once you have made once greeting card...making additional cards is even easier. Just do a SAVE AS and change the file name to reflect the recipient...also add the year you are making the card to the file name. BTW: If your card isn't for do NOT need to print!! In fact, you can't print!

Bonus Greeting Card Activity:

If you don't want to do another printed card,   Then, try an eCard (card sent via the internet), Hallmark or , to be sent automatically on a date you specify. VERY nice...and it's free! I would like everyone to send at least one eGreeting, if time permits. One year, we were able to send an electronic greeting card, Let's Say Thanks, to a soldier.



Samples (document will open in AAR):

Greeting Card Sample, Vaglica VDay (see screen shot below...or click on link for full size document)

Greeting Card Sample, Loker Christmas (click link for a sample of a horizontal card)


See bottom of the page fro more samples.

Screen shot sample:

This is a sample of Vert 1 (more text on the INSIDE of the card):



Greeting Card Template Versions (there are multiple versions, some for MSWord and Photoshop, as well as vertical and horizontal for both types):


UPDATE - Starting in 2013, we now use PHOTOSHOP to create the greeting card.


Photoshop Templates




MS Office Templates The MS Office templates below are not used, but still serve a useful purpose to see options.

      1:  Use if you want lots of text inside the card.

2:  Use if you have only a small amount of text.

    * Use the horiz of either above if you want a Horizontally orientated greeting card instead of vertical. See samples below for an example.


MS Office Vertical 1 (most common...with most text on the INSIDE of the card)

MS Office Vertical 2

MS Office Horizontal 1

MS Office Horizontal 2


Samples: (NOTE: May not be 100% to spec.)






Older Samples...may not be 100% to current Spec:





Rough Draft Samples

Vabrielle covered ALL her bases...put the required info on the front, and on the back laid it out correctly.