Google Drive


URGENT: By the 2nd week of school, please create a Google Drive account at:  You will need access to your classroom documents at home from time to time, especially if you are absent, fall behind, or manage your pictures at home. Regardless if you NEVER need to work access the documents at home, the Google Drive account MUST be setup OUTSIDE of this this lab as the entire classroom has been LOCKED by GOOGLE for new accounts due to too many accounts being generated by the computers in our room (Spam and Bogus Account Protection).


If you do NOT get it set up, you will have to continue to write out your focus and type the focus all in when you do. Only Focus w1-w9 can be hand written when it comes time to grade your work.


Screen shots forthcoming...but it is pretty easy, especially if you already have a Gmail account. Although you do not HAVE to have Gmail, it is recommended. If you do not have a Gmail account, and you are not using your email because of too much junk mail, I recommend you take a moment and set up a gmail account.


Here is a tutorial: Steps to create a Google Drive account to work with Google Docs for West Brook Photography Class.



Please do not use the computer in class unless you DO NOT have access off campus through your phone, or a friends phone, home computer, tablet, etc.!!!! Save the on-campus registration for people who have absolutely no access, which should be extremely rare!!!!