A Funny Story:


This past Monday, I had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation by Richard Tallent (www.tallent.us) who is a excellent fashion photographer. I had met Richard during the Hurricane Rita evacuation while in Austin. He is a friend of our mutual friend, Todd Hargis. He did a great job with his presentation on Monday. On Wednesday, Charity D brings in her 8x10 in today to mount to turn in for their 6 weeks project. Today was the first day I had seen the picture. I was thinking it was a nice picture, but that the background was a little distracting, that it could be taken out in Photoshop...and that is when I saw the white lens...looked closer, thought I recognized the photography...looked closer...and sure enough...there you are! LOL!!


So, I wrote Richard and was going to have a little fun with him. Like have you ever called somebody on a cell phone when you see them...but they don't know you can...just to find out if they are going to SCREEN you? Well, I was just curious if he would admit to be on Crystal Beach. I know Richard to be a self proclaimed ANTI-Nature Photographer (imagine that)...so I KNOW he wasn't down their to photograph the seagulls (take a look at his webpage...and you will see what I mean).

Well, he wrote me back...and here is our dialog:

"Drew Loker" <lokerd@hotmail.com> wrote on 04/04/2007 09:33:28 AM:

> So, what were you doing on:

> 3/15/07 at 2:38pm?


According to my photo folder, I was sitting in a lawn chair at
Crystal Beach with Delanea, sipping a drink, and taking photos
of the redneck fun.

The closest shot to that timestamp (my EXIF is off a few hour
due to still being on Paris time) is two spring breakers smoking
and sitting in the back of a car trunk, holding a rebel flag
(attached for your amusement.)


Moral of the story? Be careful what you do and where you go...you never know who is watching...or who just might take a picture. LOL!



Here are the photos...immediately below is Charity's...and further below is Richard's. I enlarged a portion of Charity's image so you can see the guy over the shoulder of the girl tossing the washer (walking near the waves).


See the guy with white Canon 70-200/2.8 lens? That is Richard and his wife.



And here is the picture he took at approximately the same time.




Isn't that funny?