The Photo Finale

A digital photo contest sponsored by Trinity High School




Send entries to by May 9, 2013 at 4pm and CC me using the following instructions. If you send more than one email, please make sure the email title indicates PART 1, PART 2, etc.


Photo II+ - 5 Entries Minimum. No more than one per category unless you exceed the minimum.


Open the image in Photoshop to change the following "File Info", then do a Save As to change the "File Name" and rest the compression to make sure it does not exceed 2.5 megabytes in file size.


Please type your full name, school name and category information in the File Info "description" field. You can access this by going to the File menu in Photoshop and selecting File Info. If you already did this for another contest, I would just leave all the info the other info.







File names should be like the following: (use underscores _ in place of spaces to divide sections)

first four letters of last name first initial_category code_Begining-Advanced_school initials_1234.jpg (you select any 4 digits but each entry should be unique)


example:      loked_STL_A_WBHS_2371.jpg     for      LokerDrew_StudentLife_Advanced_WestBrookHighSchool_2371.jpg



When you "Save as" the file, be sure to change it to a JPEG if it is a PSD...then change the compression.


In the screen shot below, the name "lokerd_STL_A_WBHS_2371.jpg  IS the correct name for the longer unabridged version.



If the file size is higher than 2.5 on the right side under preview, lower the compression "Quality":



Your email should look like this...except add his alternate email:








Official Details from the hosting school:



Digital entries must be sent to .

        CC me at  when you send in your entries.








Categories will be: (abbreviated codes listed behind each category) Beginner and Advanced photographers are in different divisions


Abstract (AB)                                                          

Animals/Pets (AP)

Architecture/Architectural Detail (A)              

Black and White/Sepia (BW)

CD Cover (CD)                                                       

Cell Phone (shot w/ cell phone) (CP)

Digitally Constructed Images (DC)                  

Fashion (FA)

Friends (FR)                                                             

Landscape/Cityscape (LC)

Photo Story - up to 5 images (PS)                      

Photojournalism (PJ)

Portraits/ People (P)                                              

Sports/Action (SA)

Still Life (SL)                                                              

Student Life (STL)

Text Added- to give a message. Ex: Valentine, PSA, etc. (TA)

Vacation Images (V)


Judging will begin Saturday.  There are no prizes other than BEST OF SHOWS in each division that will receive a very nice Mystery Prize determined by the number of entries. Additionally, a winner’s list will be sent out to teachers to establish bragging rights.


50˘ per entry and a list of each participant’s entries with FULL NAMES must accompany the emails. 


Name images like this:


first four letters of last name first initial category code classification school initials_1234


ex: grimj_STL_THS_2371 for GrimmJeffStudentLifeTrinityHighSchool_2371 or

regad_F_RMHS_5993 for RegaladoDanFriendsMartinHS_5993 (you select any 4 digits)


* Teachers, this is a work in progress!  If you plan to enter PLEASE send me your name, school, email and phone number in advance so that I can be certain you have any updated information.



*** Trinity is NOT participating in the contest.


Questions??  contact Jeff Grimm – (but mail entries to )

See for the most recent details.