Special Themed Photo Galleries


This will be in addition to your Special Topics and contests along the way, so be sure to plan ahead, and take advantage of our off campus shootings as a group as well as getting together with friends from the class or other classes to shoot together.


The special themed assignment will consist of collections of work. Photo II 2 of the 3. Photo III+ all three topics.

Scenic/Landscape - Nature scapes - not your backyard.

Wildlife - More than just animal life, not your dogs and cats.

Night Time/Long Exposure.

Web Gallery of Topics: These pictures do NOT need to be printed. All that is required is a Picasa Web Gallery with a variety of samples for each topic from the shooting you have done this year on these specific topics. So, you should have a specific named gallery for each topic, and a variety of pictures from various locations...not just from one shooting session. I will be looking for a minimum of THREE (3) DIFFERENT venues for each topic. That means, you can just shoot one location and be done. This is to develop your online portfolio for these galleries. You MAY put pictures in from last year, but your gallery will be GRADED based on your NEW pictures from this year. Be sure to attend the field trips as they are offered to help assist you with these topics. Other shooting may be necessary to complete your gallery. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE  A GALLERY for these topics, created last year, be sure that you have NEW work.


The KEY to a good grade on this assignment is a COLLECTION of work will be several DIFFERENT subjects for each topic. This is a body of work to culminate from a semester of shoot.


Please coordinate some photo excursions amongst yourselves. Shooting in small groups is fun, and life defining. Hopefully we will be able to get to Brazos as a large group. But, should the trip not be possible, not fall early enough, or you are unable to attend, you are still responsible for the images.


Equipment: For the night pictures, a camera capable of long exposures will be necessary (Bulb, Manual or 1-30 sec exposures). A cable release is not critical if the “Billfold Trick” is used.  You will need the use of a tripod.

Media: Film or Digital. Choose your ISO speed carefully. Minimum of 12 exposures per topic (you need to shoot plenty).

1st Intermediate Due Date: November...Friday before Thanksgiving, Online Proof Gallery of at least for at least ONE (1) image for each topic (IOW, in addition to the other galleries)

2nd Intermediate Due Date: December...before Christmas Break, Online Proof Gallery of at least for at least TWO (2) of your pictures. There is not a SET number of pictures. You should be creating a gallery that is full of images.

Final Turn In Due Date: Jan 2nd. 3 Complete Web Galleries. One for each category. Images for each category can have similar theme/subject but must be different enough to qualify as different entries. This date is established to allow for the inclusion of fireworks during the New Years Celebration for the Night Gallery.


Note: Images can appear in more than one gallery on your PicasaWeb. IOW, if you have a picture you took at the Painting with Light meeting in a gallery with lots of pictures from the meeting, you might move ONE picture to the NIGHT gallery. If in doubt, ask B4 uploading so as to not waste your time.

This is the last major portion of your photography segment for this year, so make 'em count. :-)