Extra Credit Work


In the event of Late or missing work, you may want to do EXTRA work to make up points.


Instructions: (You may do more than one.)


Commercial Display of Numerous Photos

If you know of another place with lots of photos on display, let me know...and I will consider adding it to this list. Also, if there are any show openings or "Meet the Artists" at a gallery, you can attend the opening and/or show on any day, and write a summary about the show. Note: You can NOT just pick art work out of a book. These locations and displays are getting you to look at a body of work, and choosing which 5 you want to critique.


Other locations:




Two specific Art Shows you will want to visit...worth 100 Points EACH...200 Points Total!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

- Attendance will replace either your 4th or 5th 6 weeks Magazine Assignment ...your choice (depending on the exact date relative to the grade period). OR...even a missing grade! Attend both and get 100s on both.

Beaumont Camera Club Peoples Choice EXPO

Feb 20 - 21, 2016 Parkdale Mall in Beaumont (just past the Food Court)

Protégé Art Awards and Exhibit - Art Museum of SE Texas is THURSDAY, 2/25/2016. Please make plans to get there by 6:30 for the awards section. You can visit any time between 6:00 - 7:30. If you bring back something from the show signed by the guard or other AMSET official, I will count it toward your Magazine Selection Assignment for this 6 weeks or next (or Current Event shooting for CGII+). If you already have a grade, try to go anyway...it is a good event to attend. Take some pictures.  photography entries will be on display, and the winners of the award will be announced. Unfortunately, I may NOT be able to attend due to another event I must participate in as part of a team. So, I am counting on many of you all attending to be there to represent West Brook, and support Will on this awesome accomplishment to even be accepted into the show! See the link for directions, etc.