Class Agreement for Procedures and Equipment -

Checkout Form 

Agreement to Follow Class Procedures

Student agrees to review and follow the Class Procedures (see and has reviewed other related class documents listed on the Welcome Letter. With signature below, students assumes responsibility for actions and agreed that if there are challenges following those procedures that the student may be awarded afternoon Bonus Time to help the department with various details and duties.

Permission to use Classroom Equipment

The West Brook Career Technologyís Department policy concerning student use of school owned equipment is as follows:

The student is legally responsible for any equipment checked out during and/or after class and is responsible for seeing that the equipment is in working order when it is checked out. Any loss or damage (other than normal wear), whether or not accidental, will be paid for by the student at the repair or replacement cost. No other equipment will be issued to that student and the student will be placed on the school hold list until such costs are paid. All equipment is checked out for a specific amount of time. Failure to return equipment on time may result in a reduction of your conduct grade, loss of checkout privileges, and/or disciplinary action!

_____ Please do
NOT allow my child to be able to check out equipment, even for in class use. We (the parents and student) will make other arrangements to complete the assignments.


_____ Please
DO allow my child to check out equipment. The signatures below indicate that we understand the above policy and agree to comply with it.  An additional permission slip may be required for checkouts for home use over night.

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