1. School L drive is only 50 mb (25 pictures of low res) vs. 16gb (16,000 mb)

  2. If you have ANY documents on the C Drive (Desktop or My Documents), you are at risk of the files being deleted. TRULY...if your documents exist on a LOCAL device, you are vulnerable. For school, at any time, I may have to reimage a computer, and you will lose everything on that physical computer.

  3. You need to be able to move around to different computers.

  4. Most students will need to access their work/pictures at home.


So, we are going to use DropBox to help with backing up your files, as well as sync with your home computer, tablets, phones, etc. You are going to LOVE DropBox! It is better than just a Cloud Drive because it stores the files locally with a simultaneous backup to a Cloud Server. The best part is that it will sync MULTIPLE devices.


IF you do not already have a DropBox account...go to a link below. Choose a person that you KNOW 1st. Then, ask me and I will assign people so as to spread out the referrals among all of my 2nd+ year students. I will split the class up to the different students. USE THESE EXACT LINKS...do NOT type the DropBox website in manually. The link will give one of my 2nd year student AND you extra space.


 Please wait for person to be assigned to you...unless you know that person


https://db.tt/YiuZv75C    H, Maria                 10% of 4.2 


Dropbox Warnings - The service is AWESOME...but not perfect:

  1. Don't have a file open in two places. For example, if you leave a file open at home, then come to school and try to open it, you will get a conflicted copy. Not terrible, but can be confusing. Just remember to close all open documents. This includes leaving Picasa Open on computers you are not using. In contrast, with Google Docs, you can be in your CLOUD document on multiple documents and it literally shows you were your cursor is in another document. The difference is that DB is LOCAL storage with a Cloud Back up and Device Syncing. Google Drive is just Cloud Service. Loose your internet connection

  2. Don't throw everything you have ever shot (or created) into the DropBox. You only start out with 2GB, which is 2000MB. Since the average camera produces 2-4mb files, it is easy to overfill

  3. Don't tell your cell phone camera to store your NEW picture in DropBox. Again, not a REAL problem, just something I warn against. If you do not back up your phone, you may actually want to do this. On the other hand, if you take LOTS of photos, you don't because you will fill up your dropbox.

  4. Once you have a lot of stuff in your DropBox, especially if hand out referrals and start to really use the service, when you connect to a new computer and set up sync, you may have to do selective sync at first so it doesn't pull over all files as it can take quite a while to sync a large DropBox.

  5. Files will NOT be available on your Mobile Device unless you specifically load them. You will see them in your directory. As long as you are on the internet, you can download it at any time. But, if you get somewhere, have no internet, and expect to be able to access the file, picture, etc. on your mobile device, you will not be able to do so until you find a source of internet access.



Installation Steps - NOTE: The exact screen shots below may look a little different, but the general steps are the same. Pay CLOSE attention and do NOT click a prompt that you do not know the answer.


  1. Install

  2. When it asks for an Administrator, click NO (or cancel), then click YES to go ahead and install.

  3. Dropbox needs to be stored in "My Documents" which is NOT the default.

  4. When you are prompted to





Create your account...don't forget your password...you will want/need to install DropBox when you get home tonight.




At HOME...use the Download Dropbox






Click Run





Drag your documents into the DropBox.




BUT CANCEL the Download...instead...run the software from the


at school...go to \\wbphoto\Public\Software for Students...