Equipment Check Out Permission Supplemental: Digital SLR Camera

Use of a digital SLR to complete Home Photo Assignments is required, however, checking out a school camera is optional. It is actually preferred that a student, and their family, invest in an entry level DLSR as checking out a camera is risky and actually NOT recommended. If a student is unwilling to buy their own camera, or check out a school camera, it is the student's responsibility to acquire a camera of sufficient quality to complete the assignments. A cell phone is generally NOT sufficient quality.


An initial permission slip was signed for school day use. But in order for a student to be able to check out a DSLR for home use, this separate Permission Form must be approved and verified.


Cameras have been stolen and damaged, despite procedures in place to reduce the risk exposure, such as only checking out equipment in the afternoon, and only accepting equipment for check in before school. It is hoped that greater awareness of the cameras vulnerability will help to prevent loss. Unfortunately, the digital cameras have a HIGH theft probability. If somebody is seen using a digital SLR camera, and then leaves it unattended for even a moment, the camera/bag makes for an easy target. Please do not keep cameras in cars that are parked outdoors for weather and theft reasons.


The digital cameras are also more likely to be damaged from minor impact. The cameras are in new condition, and are expected to be retuned the same. I have used the same camera for years, for thousands of pictures, with little or no signs of wear. The same care is expected for these cameras.


This form is for an Economy DSLR valued at $500 for 1st year students and Advanced DSLR with extra lenses valued at $1,000+ for 2nd - 4th year students. If the camera is lost, the equipment will need to be replaced immediately by the student. Failing to replace equipment ultimately will hold up a person from receiving their high school transcript. If the equipment is damaged, repairs are generally not feasible. If the camera receives even minor impact damage, it is unknown as to the long-term impact to the camera. As a result, if the camera receives obvious and/or significant damage, the camera will need to be replaced and the student will get the damaged camera. It is the student's SOLE responsibility to check equipment CAREFULLY for operation and damage BEFORE leaving the classroom.


The equipment is expected to be used for completing school assignments and then returned. Students are not permitted to shoot commercial photo sessions with the school cameras, nor keep the cameras for extended periods of time with out permission. Some processing might need to be handled outside of class, such as transferring the images to home computers and uploading to Walgreens/Sams photo Kiosks. I will show the Photo 1 students soon how to use the Kiosks at the local stores for easy processing. A separate memory card can be checked out to take images from the computer to local processors for photo quality enlargements.


Check out will ONLY be available after school.  Check IN MUST be done before school by 6:45 am. This is primarily to protect against school theft, but is also a matter of logistics for the instructor. There is NO exception to this other than a student leaving campus (co-op, career center, etc.). A pass will be provided to get to the classroom in the morning. If a students normally rides a bus, special arrangements MUST be made on the day of check out and/or check in. There can be no exception. Students who can NOT agree to the check out system must make other arrangements to get the gear necessary to complete the assignments.


Failure to turn in the equipment on time will result in a less than a Satisfactory conduct grade because of the additional work that is created for the instructor. Checking out equipment is a massive undertaking on the instructors part, and is NOT a requirement by the school to provide such a system. Students are expected to be responsible and will be held accountable.



We have read the above details and are willing to assume the additional responsibility of this particular equipment. We are aware of the greater potential for loss, the consequences of damage and are willing to assume the additional responsibility.



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Student                                              Parent                                               ** Parent Cell Phone


** A phone call will need to be made upon the first check out to: 1. Verify a parent actually signed this sheet. 2. To let you know the student is leaving with the gear.