Spot the Difference!


From very early magazines, I remember cartons that would challenge the reader to spot the difference. It has become a big fad now, perhaps because of the easy of production with the likes of Photoshop. So, in the spirit of the new found popularity, here is an assignment to challenge you to create your very own, "Spot the Difference".



Here are a couple of samples to get you started. See how many differences you can spot.


Here is one that ran in a Baton Rouge Newspaper:


Here is an easy one that I did for a Bride recently:


Here is another one that I did for a Bride recently that is a little harder...see how many you can count:


Take a look at these next three...with the finished one on top. The middle is a midway screen shot.


On this next one, the MOB (Mother of the Bride) did not like the individuals shots of just the bride (we had taken several), and asked if I could crop out the BMs out of the shot below.

It wasn't easy, but using parts of other pictures, I was able to get it done.

Original on the left, modified on the right.


Ok, and here is a proof of 71. Let me know if these are ok.  I did the best I could on the tan line. I used a burn tool to darken the skin...but this introduced I had to clone over the noise. As I mentioned before, I didn't really see any sweat on these three least not on the forehead...but I did go ahead and smooth out some acne, etc. So hopefully you like it. Oh, on the necklace, I did try to move it...but real quickly I could see the only solution was to remove it. Thanks for the option to just remove it.

Hello. I have got the order ready to go except for this one image. Which do you like better...with the branch...or with out. The branch creates a bit of framing, but it is also a little distracting.


Let me know.





[Need images after Jobeth's Wedding in May]