Steps for Entering Student Data

Leave this page open to answer questions you are going to have.





You may use your cell phone to look up a number but PLEASE power down the phone when you are done.






Launch Apple Works via the Start/All Programs/AppleWorks menu. Run \\wbphoto\Data\Student Data 2x click on the file appropriate for your computer station to open it.

Once you are into the database, do a Ctrl + R to start a new record. When you are done, do a Ctrl + S, then Ctrl + Q.



(If it opens to a dialog box, click on Browse, then click on Apple Computer, then Apple Works, then Apple Works. If this does not work, then click cancel, then click and drag on to the AppleWorks application...the gray area of AppleWorks. If AppleWorks is not visible, you will need to drag to the start bar, hover over the start bar, wait for the program to come forward, and then drag onto the AppleWorks interface.)