Darkroom Printing Review




1.      The negative is put into the enlarger with which side of the negative up?


2.      The emulsion side of the negative is the dull or shiny side?


3.      The negative carrier is inserted in the enlarger with the negative…curved up or down?


4.      How many 8x10s can be made from a full sheet of paper?


5.      How many 5x7s can be made from a full sheet of paper?


6.      Be able to identify each part of the enlarger.


7.      Know each chemical. Its name, sequence, purpose, and time.


8.  Why do you use test strips?


9.  What color is the safelight for paper?


10.  What does the enlarger height control?


11.  Adjusting ring on the enlarger lens controls what?


12.  To increase or decrease exposure, what do you do?


13.  Improperly agitated prints develop how?


14.  Improperly washed prints do what?


15.  What are you making when you place negatives directly on the paper?


16.  What effect of too much to too little light falling on the paper?



 Answers -  Although the answers are provided, make sure that you are familiar with the TERMS and the ORDER of the terms.